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Take Me Deeper…

Zane lost a tooth. Actually, Dash crashed into Zane and “helped” Zane’s tooth come out.


My new half wig came in the mail today. You wouldn’t know its not my hair unless I told ya, which I just did, so now you know my secret.

Hair loss sucks. Lyme disease and hormonal imbalances are no fun. Half wigs help some.



Nicky is now texting me from his Ipod. It’s absolutely the most adorable thing ever!


We said goodbye to Gunner Monday. It was so hard to say goodbye. We love him so much. But he was too much for our family and with our move to Texas, with their small yards, we felt it best to let another family have him. A family that would have the time and patience to handle his energy and one with a big yard to play in like he is used to with our house here in Missouri. I miss him. I miss his wiggles. But this is the best for him and for us. It still hurts us though.


We took communion on this Good Friday remembering our great Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

The lover of our souls, the forgiver of our sins, the reason we have direct relationship with God, and access to the Holy Spirit.

Oh how He suffered greatly for us. What a precious day this is.


I barely got through the song, Oceans today.

I read each word and let it soak into my being.

The words came alive like never before.

And I cried.

And felt His Presence.

And knew that even though this wasn’t music to anyone else’s ears, it was to His.

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