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Adam and I have been together coming up on 26 years this new year. 2024 will bring 22 years married. We’ve had ups and downs, like any married couple, but we’ve managed to hold onto being one another’s best friends, biggest support systems, and cheerleaders – which I find to be an important part of being married.

I was going through this blog, which I’ve had since 2008 (!!) and got all sorts of sentimental about being a mom and a wife. Although my life as a mom has changed a ton since those early years on the blog, my role as a wife has been pretty steady and, his role in in my life has remained steady as well.

I thought I’d share 20 things I love about him and mix in some memories that make me smile, too.

20 Reasons I Love Him + Happy Memories

  1. I appreciate his willingness to always be supportive of my dreams, goals, and plans even if they don’t make a lot of sense to him or even if he’d do things differently.
  2. I’m grateful for his steadiness in this family; he’s our rock.
  3. I appreciate that he is even-keeled all the time, never losing his temper.
  4. A favorite memory of mine from way back when we were first dating was when I’d be standing at the front doors of the Outback Steakhouse we worked at together and I’d see him walking toward the doors, I’d get all sorts of giddy inside that I got to see him. He was SO hot! (still is) As a hostess, I’d get to be at the doors and see him walk in and chat briefly every night that we worked together.
  5. He is literally the best daddy to our children. He is steady, strong, kind, funny, and selfless. He spends so much quality time with them when he is home from work and I really appreciate the effort he’s put into being their daddy.
  6. He is a good son and sees/spends time with his parents at least once a week.
  7. He is understanding and supportive of his chronically ill wife. Although this isn’t ideal and certainly not what he/we expected out of our life together, he has grown into someone who cares and wants the best for me and my health.
  8. Another favorite memory together in our early years was when we took a couple vacations together before we were moved into the apartment together. We went to Wichita, KS for a work thing but got to spend time together when he wasn’t working and we went on a true vacation together to St. Louis, which was a lot of fun.
  9. I appreciate that he considers he and I a team and he isn’t over me and I’m not over him; we’re true teammates in this life. In fact, we have this thing with the family where whenever we tackle something together we say we Team T’d it up.
  10. I look back fondly on Adam as a daddy to young children. I have countless pictures of him sleeping on the couch with his babies, he’d give them baths, chase them around the yard, let them sit on his lap while he mowed our large lawn, and so many other fond memories.
  11. He is willing to do whatever it takes to provide for the family. In the past, that included working more than one job, hustling as he could, taking calculated risks, which eventually paid off with a good job he currently still has, and just overall taking on the role of provider for the family. While I have also worked (from home), he has taken on the lions share of the financial responsibility so I could focus more on raising the kids and I appreciate that in him.
  12. I have so many great memories of our dating years. I remember fondly trips to the lake to swim at the beach, borrowing sea doo’s and having a blast on the lake, work events together, Christmas parties for work, and so much more. When you’ve been together with someone this long, you have so many memories to look back on.
  13. I love laying in bed together, watching TV, chatting about life, and even just being in the same room together even if we’re checking our phones and whatnot. I just love being with him.
  14. More fun memories include our anniversary trip to Waco many years ago, and then our family trip back to Waco a few years later. We aren’t big into vacations, frankly it’s very hard on my body, but when we do get away, it’s a sweet memory made.
  15. I’m ever so grateful he beat cancer!
  16. Making sweet family memories that will last Adam and I a lifetime; even just the “mundane” and “average” memories of eating lunches out together and grocery shopping were always special when the kids were younger.
  17. Him getting down on one knee outside his black Toyota Corolla in Riss Lake asking me to marry him. He asked me there because it was the first place he told me he loved me, as we were driving along. It took his many months to express his love with words and it was a precious moment, which I’ll never forget because he also made it the place he asked me to spend life with him.
  18. I love that he is my best friend. There’s no one else I’d rather spend time with than him.
  19. I love that I am HIS best friend and, as much as he adores his kids, and I know he does, I also know he loves spending time with me, too.
  20. I look forward to this next chapter in our lives with adult children, eventually an empty nest, and moving into that next phase in life. I will desperately miss my children being home, and I miss them being little already, but I know there is nothing we can do to stop time and they will all grow up and move away eventually, so I do look forward to more quality time with just Adam and I again, like our time together before kiddos.

I’m sure I could name so many more reasons I love him and our life together but I’ll end it here. I may do these once a year. Or, I may forget. One things for certain, I won’t forget all these beautiful memories, or the love we have for one another.

May God bless us with many more years together.

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