This girl had a salad and green smoothie for dinner last night and lunch today. I’ve managed to lose 5 pounds in a little over a week. Not doing anything drastic. Fact is, I just had pizza the other day for lunch. I just made sure I didn’t eat several pieces. Which I could normally do if I let myself.

I have, what I feel to be, a healthy goal of 40 pounds in a years time. Now mind you, I’m sick with Lyme disease, my hormones are still out of whack, and I’m fatigued, so working out is not going to happen the way it would if I were healthy. So this all could very well slow down my weight loss but I’m going for it. This is my goal. To get down to the weight I was before I started Lyme disease treatment 3 1/2 years ago.

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It’s one of those things, you know?, where you can’t control much of anything about your body, because Lyme disease controls it, but your weight, maybe just maybe you can control it. Lyme disease has taken my health, my hair, my strength, my energy, and dammit all if it hasn’t also taken my thin frame. I can’t stop the hair loss, the fatigue, or the myriad of other symptoms I deal with daily, and maybe I won’t be able to control my weight like I think I can, but I am sure going to try.

It’s not as much about weight loss for the sake of being thin and cute again. It’s more like weight loss for the sake of looking into the mirror and not seeing a sick girl staring back at me. She’s still there. But maybe I won’t think of myself as sick every time I look in the mirror if I lose those 40 pounds I put on thanks to Lyme disease. I really do think its wishful thinking but I’m stubborn and want to do what I can to tell my body to buck up and get healed already.

Frankly I’ll be happy to get out of the plus size clothing and back down into a large. Even an extra large would make me happy at this point. So this is the goal for the year. Eat better. Help my body heal. And lose the weight. Wish me luck?


I purchased this beautiful shirt in a large as my motivation to make my goal. I love Mercy House of Kenya and support them monthly but haven’t been able to wear their shirts because of my size. Hoping and praying I make it to my goal weight so I can wear this beautiful shirt.


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  1. No time like the present to usher in change, right? Best of luck on your endeavor, Nell. I think your motivation will most assuredly give you increased likelihood for success. And also, how cute will your trimmed down self look in a pair of cowgirl boots when you move?! That’s beside the point, though 😉

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