Capture1I think we have our first sick kid of the school season. He’s got a stuffed nose and his ears hurt some. That didn’t take long. My children are pretty healthy kids, but even so, it doesn’t take long for the sick bugs of school to infect. I’m keeping an eye on the ear pain and will look for something at the store today that will help the pain.

I have a dentist appointment today for a cleaning. I’m hoping for no cavities as I’m pretty much as afraid of needles in my mouth, and drilling in my mouth, and all the horrible things that happen in your mouth at the dentist, as can be. I don’t even like getting a cleaning, to be honest. But I do it every 6 months in hopes that I can keep from getting cavities.

Capture2The dogs got out of the fence this week. We have a fence with plastic slats in it and Tucker actually knocked out two of the slats by jumping into it, which freed the dogs. I don’t know how long they were loose before we discovered that they had gotten out. Luckily some neighborhood girls found Tucker and got him back to us. After about 15 minutes of searching we found Murphy, who was being held by e neighbor a few streets over. That was scary especially since Murphy needs heart medicine. Not sure what we’re going to do about the fence at this point. We put it back together but if he did it once he’ll do it again.

I’ve got to get ready to walk the kids to school. My honor and privilege. I’m so blessed to be home with my children, raising them full time. I hope they look back on their lives and see the great value in that.


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