Aurelia with Real Life Solutions blog tagged me …. she asked me to share 7 things y’all don’t know about me. I named this post 7 things you may or may not know about me, because depending on who you are you may or may not already know these facts. lol

1. I’ve had this calling on my heart to adopt from China. In fact, I can’t shake this feeling that we’re meant to adopt two little girls from China. It is terribly expensive to adopt so I’m putting my faith in God that he’ll make a way.

2. I’m anti-gun. Anti carry and conceal and anti hunting for sport (if you have to shoot and kill a deer to eat then I can understand that…)…my husband and I both are. We don’t stand in judgment of anyone who doesn’t feel the same way…we just happen to be againts the use of guns.

3.  I’ve got an unshakable faith….and it has been tested… a lot. I’ll always have my faith and my close relationship with Christ. That doesn’t mean I haven’t gotten angry and subjected God to that anger. I am only human after all. But, I never lose my faith in him.

4. I suffered from IBS, neck and joint pain, muscle weakness and pain, bad memory, low body temp., dry mouth, ear infections, vertigo, cold hands and feet, ringing in my ears, blurry vision (and more, believe it or not) for many years (not all of them at the same time) and was 100% healed from all the illnesses and pains when I cleared my system of Candida.

5. I met my best friend online and although we’ve never met face to face yet we share so much in common and a great bond. I care for her and her family like they were blood related and can’t wait until we can meet in person. This gal is Jen Houck of One Moms World.

6. I’m Wyandotte Indian, Irish, English, Greek, and probably more (lol) but that is all I’m aware of.

7. I’m not a morning person so these 6:30am mornings to get my son off to therapy is taking its toll on me. I can’t wait for Friday’s as he doesn’t go to therapy Fri-Sun.

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