We’ve lived in the Dallas area for three years and my husband and I finally made it down to the arboretum with my Father-in-Law and kids. Crazy, I know! The traffic and construction and congestion just tend to keep us from going into Dallas. And while I had a couple white-knuckle moments on the drive down and back, I am so glad we went. And so do plan to make my way around Dallas more and more! (Y’all I’m from a small town in Missouri! It’s hard to get used to a city so big.)

It was packed the day we went due to Thanksgiving break, I’m sure. But, even with all the other people there, it was still a peaceful experience and one I will treasure. The weather was perfect for a day outside. One of the perks of living in Texas, for sure!

We started our arboretum adventure off in the garden and looking at the partridge in a pear-tree feature of their twelve days of Christmas throughout the park.

(Picture by Dallas Arboretum)

It was wonderful to walk through the gardens, reading about the plants, flowers, and vegetables growing still, even well into November!

Next, we made our way to the pumpkin patch and Wizard of Oz area, which was a huge plus for me as I’m a big Wizard of Oz fan!

(Pictures by the Dallas Arboretum)

We made our way to the children’s area, where we ran into a pond with fish, a huge lake off in the distance, more gardens, lots of butterflies, a maze, and then the kids area – which had a lot of stuff for the kids to do.

(Picture by the Dallas Arboretum)

My husband and middle son took part in a cooking class on the property, while my Father-in-Law and the kids and I walked to a place to eat in the arboretum.

It was a lovely time and, if you’re anywhere near Dallas, I recommend going! It’s a beautiful property and one I’m sure I’ll go back to again.

Check out the Dallas Arboretum page today!

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