Hot. That is Texas in June, July, and August…often September, too.

So, we swim.

We have a lovely neighborhood pool. Two, in fact. But, there’s just something about swimming at the lake that is extra summertime fun.

The soft sand and vast amounts of water – the boat going by producing waves, the ducks flying by, and the slight fear of a fish swimming by … to me, it all screams summer.

The beach at Little Elm is such a great lake beach. The sand is incredibly soft. There aren’t rocks or duck poo, like I’ve experienced at Missouri lake beaches. And it’s pretty big, making room for a lot of people to swim and have fun together.

It was warm close to the beach, and cool further out – which was refreshing.

I love summers. It is such a wonderful time spent with family, swimming, and movies. Life is good. Parenting children is such a blessing. I truly do love my life.


Here’s to summertime fun! And to think, I only have four summers left with my oldest before he’s old enough to leave the nest and go off to college. It’s not fair how fast the years go. Grateful for these precious times!

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