A Day in Time

It’s February and it’s been a very up and down winter this year with the weather. A lot more clouds and cold and rain so when we got a rare day where all of us were home (from school and work) AND it was warm and sunny we knew we couldn’t waste it.

Little Elm lake and park is our favorite outdoor place to take the boys. There’s a beautiful lake beach, a cool park, ducks to feed, walking trail and more. While the trip wasn’t without whining and arguments between boys, it was still a very enjoyable day.

We tossed the football and kicked the soccer ball around, walked the trail, took pictures to humor me, and got some good exercise in. Afterward, we tried a new-to-us diner called Leo’s and then dragged the boys to the grocery store.

The older the boys get, and boy are they growing up fast, the more I treasure these family days. I realize that I’m going to wake up one day and my boys are going to be in college, or moved out and living their adult lives, and these will be just distant memories. Although I’m not the absolute best at soaking up each little moment with them, I am fully aware that they’re going to be grown men before I know it and I must enjoy it while I have it – this elusive thing called childhood.

If anything comes across online from my blogs and social media I hope it’s how much I love my family. I want to be known for my love. I’m not the most loving and outgoing person to the people around me – I admit it. I’m a total introvert, I’m hard to impress, but when it comes to my core unit, my boys and husband, I hope my love is evident to them in their memories and in their lives.

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