One of the kids favorite things to do back in the rolling hills of Missouri was collecting roly poly bugs, also known as pill bugs. We had a lot of them at our old home in Platte City. We’d find them under rocks and wood and walking around on the drive-way. They were literally every where. Not so much here in Texas.


Well, all that changed with the kids hitting the motherload of roly poly bugs earlier in the week. What started with with lone pill bug roaming the side-walk ended with an easy fifty of them in a piece of Tupperware with a couple small holes in it. As the kids tell it, they were saving the bugs from other bugs, like ants, and spiders.

I’d read somewhere those little bugs that roll into balls love humid, dark spaces, and damp wood. So we collected pieces of wood, a little wet dirt, adding even more drops of water to everything, and that somehow did the trick to keeping them alive over night. In fact, here we are – what? – going into our second night and they are still alive.


I will talk the boys into letting the sweet little gray rolled up buggies go tomorrow before we run out of good luck and kill them all. My boys have hearts of gold and once I explain that the bugs need to be set free for their own good, they will agree to it, and lovingly let them go free. But in the meantime, they take the roly’s for walks (pictured above), watch them crawl all over one another, and roll into balls – all with wonder and delight in their eyes. Aw, to be a boy. And what fun it is to be a #boymom.

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