A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That.

Jack was my first baby with my husband. I remember when we drove the long highway ride to pick him out. We arrived to a small home, a bit dingy, loaded with these adorable furry little puppies bounding all over the living room. Oh how adorable they were and the puppy breath, oh the puppy breath.

10 years later and the breath is pretty fowl, he doesn’t bound as easily, but he’s still a furr ball of love. 10. Hard to believe 10 years has passed. He’s now an old man, we’re being reminded of that with this huge tumor growing on his chest. The vet said if it’s cancer the treatment would be expensive and likely wouldn’t be effective because of where it is and his age. They worry it has moved into his lungs, if it’s cancer.

The reality of this new season we’ve moving into with him has slammed me in the face, and it is sad. I love him more than any pet we’ve had. Such a sweet little guy he is, always loving and forever my hiking buddy. No matter what it is, or isn’t, the fact is he’s old draws me quickly into the reality that now is the time to really appreciate and spoil him.

Can do!

Today my husband is home from work. Actually four days of vacation this week, so we’re all psyched to have him home. The mood is light, the children are content, video games and wrestling on the agenda.

The weather is perfect, warm but not melt-your-skin-hot like recent days. Quite possibly the dog days of summer are drawing to a close. Nice white socks, eh? Yep, those are my husbands and I’m a total nerd, this is true.

He starts first grade tomorrow. Not sure I’m ready. How can I say that when this has been such a long summer? Oh I don’t know, because I love him so much and will miss his daily presence. Though I must admit, he’s been awfully teenagerish lately and the two younger boys get along so well… I’m thinking the coming weeks will grow quieter and far more peaceful — I’ll still miss him, though.

He’s quite possibly the sweetest boy on the face of the earth.

I’m feeling good today. Today ’tis a better day. The cortisol pills I’m sucking down like candy are filling me up with energy, so much so that I don’t even mind the aches and pains of the Lyme today.

I made my lunch today and cut the crust off the bread. Shhhh, that is my little secret. I’m a 32 year old woman (okay, not yet but in a couple months, so scratch that, I’m a 31 year old woman) and still cut the crust off the bread. I don’t feel too silly since the bread is Ezekiel and totally healthy, the crust isn’t the only healthy part.

Hey, did I tell you I love pickles? And drinking the juice? Yeah, totally do. The pickles are gone but the jar of juice remains in the fridge for later drinking!

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  1. I’ve been thinking of you Nell and keep you and yours in my prayers. Your Jack seems like a wonderful pup. My Elliot is almost 10 and he is and always will be my first babe. Enjoy the lil vacation!
    .-= Nili´s last blog ..Time for change =-.

  2. My friend Joy just made the BEST homemade pickles and shared them with us on our camping adventure.

    And I agree that crustless sandwiches are better. 😉

  3. Our fur babies really mean so much to us so it is hard to see them go through this!

    I hope you all have a wonderful vacation week with Adam. I know you all will be so happy to have him home.

    I so can’t believe Nicky is in first grade. Where is the time going?
    .-= Jen @ One Moms World´s last blog ..New Raleigh NC Mom Blogger =-.

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