A Little Healing Update

c7d82d7c3cee11e3b82c22000a1fbca3_8So if you’re a member of the He Still Heals Facebook community then you already know that I switched from traditional medical treatment to homeopathy and juicing. I’ve been infected with Lyme disease for five long years. My youngest son, Dash, also has been infected that long. And though I know God sent me to my doctor to save our lives, as we were very sick those first couple of years, I know He has other plans for our healing now.

It was nearly a year ago when God brought two people into our lives that would change the course of treatment for me. My husband works for a furniture store. He waited on a nice Christian couple. Following the prompting of Holy Spirit, he began speaking to them about his wife and son afflicted with Lyme disease. See something you need to know about my husband is that he loves us with all that he has inside him. He hates that we’ve suffered the way we have and just wants us well. While speaking with the couple, they began sharing their own story of Lyme disease and how a local homeopath got them well.

He came home and shared the good news. I wasn’t ready to hear it. I wasn’t ready to drop my doctor, drop traditional medicine, and drop the only thing I knew for three years. I was afraid and frankly didn’t believe it to be true because I know so much about Lyme and know it’s rarely cured. I decided I would just continue with traditional medicine and prayer.

But God had other plans.

God began working on my heart. He began whispering to me that my body needed something different than the constant onslaught of antibiotics. It needed a holistic approach. It needed someone to help me heal naturally, using what God had created for the healing of our bodies. It needed me to give it good solid nutrition.

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Slowly this peace began filling me. A peace to give it a try. A peace to let go of the fear crippling me, keeping me from what God had for me, and the courage to follow through with what He was telling me. A few weeks ago I began treatment with herbs, supplements, and a lot of green smoothies and juicing fresh vegetables. I’ve had more good days than bad days. I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I’m treating my body the way God created my body to be treated. And I believe that God is working through this method to bring healing forth.

Now mind you, I truly believe that healing is only happening because of God. Not just because He created the herbs and vegetables and fruit I’m giving to my body. No. But because Christ died to set me free from sin and all effects of sin, including sickness and disease. His healing is coming because I believe. It’s coming to manifestation because I heard His still small Voice and listened. It’s coming because He adores me and wants me well. Healing is happening because I’ve never given up on being healed. I have railed against disease and Satan since getting sick. And I’ll never stop railing against it until I’m totally healed.

Sickness is not who I am, its something happening to my body. I’ve never associated myself as the disease in my body. I don’t deny it’s there but I haven’t ever given into it, letting it become who I am, part of my identity. I am a child of God meant to walk this earth in a healed body, preaching the gospel and praying for the sick. And so are you. Whatever your calling, you are meant to fulfill it in a healthy body with healthy emotions and a healthy mind.

I don’t know when healing will fully manifest. I don’t know if it’ll come through the aide of natural methods God created, or if I’ll be slammed to the floor under His power and awake set free. However it comes, its all God and He’ll forever get the glory. I love Him so much and am thankful for His never ending love and faithfulness.

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