A Moment Like This

Moments float by, easily missed in the mayhem of each day.

The noise and the pulling and tugging of daily tasks keep one’s mind busy and unfocused.

So many moments are left to move on without me, leaving me sitting on the sidelines with fatigue.

but in their place are the moments that might never have seemed that important before…

might never have been special or picture worthy.

Now, those moments fill my heart with a joy not defined by words.

Appreciating each day I have with them.

Truly appreciating.

Like Nick and Zane climbing the ladder their Daddy is using to put in a new ceiling fan…. making their “mean” faces while I snap the picture that will live on long past that moment in time.

And walking into the kitchen, where Zane plays nosily with his lego’s, finding him in his Daddy’s hat on backwards.I stopped, looking at how grown up he has become. How did he get so grown up so fast?

While laying down on the couch, catching a much needed moment to rest I look over at my “baby”, who doesn’t look a whole lot like a baby anymore, I over hear him talking on the phone to “Daddy”. He looks at the phone, smiles wide and shows me those big beautiful teeth that fill his mouth so perfectly, and squeals. I sigh, sucking in the joy that is floating through my home, and appreciate each moment I have with my beautiful children.

I’m not the mom I once was. I’m not capable of taking long hikes, chasing them through the yard or going to the zoo on a hot summers day…

I miss that mom and I know they do too.

But no matter what my body is telling me, my heart will always find a way to appreciate and live fully (whatever that looks like at the time) in this moment.

This moment where my children are children.

Their moment.

I’m so grateful to be living in this moment with them.

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  1. Such a precious blog Nell. Cue cute boys you have!

    And what you feel here, you’re teaching them by living it. They are lucky boys to have you as their Momma.
    .-= Kristi´s last blog ..Remember ME =-.

  2. I know it’s hard not being able to do what you use to do, but you are still able to love them and I know that they feel your love.

    GRoing up they might forget the Zoo, the hikes but your LOVE they will never forget 🙂
    .-= Renee´s last blog ..Show me your face =-.

  3. In the end it’s really just us they want. The long hikes and the zoo are fun, but having you and your love is the most important thing. And, they’ve certainly got that.
    .-= Madeline´s last blog ..32-ish Weeks =-.

  4. Being a father to my two little babies, I want to enjoy each moment while they are with me. I cannot imagine the fact that one day they will have a life of their own. 🙂

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