a shift in thinking…

This time in my life is precious and I’ll only get it once. Being a full time mother is much more of a calling than I ever really gave credit for until recently. Of course I knew mothering was important, and treated it as such, but having been called to full-time ministry by God, I looked at that as my ultimate purpose in life. How wrong I was.

This right here is my ultimate purpose in life.

Building a “camp-ground” on the back deck for my three boys is my great calling.

Taking them on adventure walks in the cool of the evening, my life’s work.

I can do both. I can preach and pray for the sick, as God’s called me to, and raise my precious boys all at the same time. What’s changed is the importance I place on the preaching/praying over the raising of my children. No longer does the preaching hold a greater significance in my heart than being a wife and mother and woman taking care of her home. Mind you, it never affected my ability to do those things however in my heart I put more weight on my “calling” to preach than my calling as a wife and mother.

I saw preaching as my ultimate calling. I saw laying hands on the sick, and teaching about supernatural healing, as my ultimate calling in life, the one thing I was placed on this earth for, the reason why I was alive. How wrong I was. God called me to the sick and the broken, but He blessed me with a family… I somehow overlooked my blessings as the most important things in my life, and focused more on the people out there who God had called me to.

There is a time and place for everything. One day I will be in full-time ministry. One day my calling will take much more of my time, and require more of my heart. One day, sometime in the future, I’ll live out what God has called me to do with my life. For now, at this point in my life, my full-time ministry is raising my children and loving my husband. And what a powerful, and important, and spiritual calling that really is.

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  1. Yes…it’s bigger than I ever dared dream. What a gift!

    Enjoy your ministry right here, right now. And watch His glory unfolds as the path leads you further than you dared dream {HUGS}

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