a story of hair loss

One of my many many symptoms of Lyme disease has been hair loss, and a lot of it. The hair loss is likely from my thyroid function, and even though I’m on medication, we’ve yet to find the right levels for me. Lyme disease attacks the pituitary gland, which controls all the glands. In fact, I’m low on just about every hormone, every level of anything that comes from the glands.

So in addition to gaining 40 pounds in two years, I’ve also lost a significant amount of hair. You can see from the picture below what my hair looks like when it’s not been freshly washed and dried, or when I’ve not spent far too much time on it, and used far too much product, poofing it up.



I want to be clear, I know I am not as bad off as many people who lose their hair for whatever reason, be it medical, or hereditary, but I have lost a lot of hair for me. My hair has been the one thing I’ve always thought to be beautiful since I was a teenager. I remember getting compliments on it frequently, from how shiny is it, to how beautiful the dark color is, to how silky smooth is is. Although it has always been fine, I used to have a lot of it. And when I gained forty pounds in two years, not being able to lose it, in addition to the hair loss, well, it’s all just a screaming reminder of how sick my body is, and what an assault it’s under.

I’ve tried extensions before but didn’t have enough hair to cover them all up. That was a big blow to my heart. I really thought the typical clip in extensions that comes in several individual wefts, was the answer to my thinning hair. I knew my hair loss wasn’t enough for me to feel good about wearing wigs full time, there’s just such a stigma with wigs, or maybe it’s my own insecurity. So I invested in body building products for the hair, colored powder cover ups to take away my deep “part” (hair loss) and give the appearance of thicker hair, but it all requires me to spend so much time on my hair, and leaves my hair feeling stiff, not silky like it naturally feels.

After researching very realistic wigs, beautiful, amazing looking wigs, and seriously considering them, I stumbled upon clip in extensions that might work for me. They are from Hair Do by Jessica Simpson. It’s one big piece, with clips on it, not requiring me to have a lot of hair to cover them up. I also discovered a synthetic topper for people who have lost body and the top of their hair is thinning. They are both options I’m going to invest in, hoping one will work for me, to help add some more volume back in my hair, without the expense, and upkeep, and even stigma, of a full on wig.


wig topper


clip in extension piece


I’ll be sharing the results of these two products on the blog for those who are also experiencing hair loss but don’t want to go for a full on wig just yet.

I really do understand that there are many beautiful women out there that have it much worse than I do. There are woman losing chunks of hair at a time, women who are bald from chemo, women who are in much worse shape physically than I am. There is always someone who is sicker, or has it worse off than you do, but the fact is, this is part of my Lyme disease journey, and one that has affected me deeply, in ways I am almost ashamed to admit, but nonetheless, hair loss has been a sad thing, a symptom I wish like hell I didn’t have. Along with the weight gain. So I share it because I feel its important we’re all honest with our journey’s in life, even the hard parts.

You can read more about Lyme disease here.

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