what does it mean to forgive?

how do you know you really have forgiven someone and it isn’t just something you’re telling yourself?

and how do you know if you’ve really forgiven yourself?

when you have peace? or have come to terms with something and are ready to move on?

and what does forgiveness do for you and the other person?

offer relief?

what is the point of forgiveness?

for me, forgiveness is one step closer to a pure relationship with Christ, with the person you forgive and with yourself.

how can you really live a peaceful, joyful life with the strive and pain of unforgiveness lingering?

you can’t.

i’m not…living in total peace and joy.

i’ve got some deep pain and hurt and confusion about my feelings towards a few people in my life.

and when the pain happens over and over it’s even harder to forgive and accept and move on.

and when the person staring back at you in the mirror needs forgiveness on a daily basis it’s even harder.

you know?

learning to separate the concept of forgiveness versus forgetting the words or act or pain is where it gets messy for me.

if their words or actions still causes you to feel some lingering pain, but you claim you’ve forgiven – have you really?

that one little word brings about such big, deep questions.

forgive – forgiving – forgiveness….

such loaded words.

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