About Nell



I’m a lifetime lover of cozy, comfortable, and living your best cozy lifestyle. You might call me the purveyor of cozy, and I love it! 

I find self care to be a vital part of my life and am passionate about helping other women find ways to care for themselves the best they can. Self care is a hot buzz word right now but whatever you want to call it, caring for your body, mind, and soul is incredibly important for a healthy life.

In my 13 years of living with chronic illnesses I’ve discovered many wellness hacks/products that have made my life easier while healing my disease, or managing my symptoms and I share them with YOU in hopes they help you as well.

More About Me

  • I’m a native Midwesterner turned happy Texan. I know all extremes of weather from both those experiences but if I’m being honest, Texas has my heart now. 
  • I have a set of chronic illnesses that requires me to work at home and allows me to live a cozy life all day every day… I kinda love it – the cozy, not the illnesses. 😉
  • I am married 19 years this year, have three great boys who are teens and pre-teens now, have a beautiful 9 year old Shetland sheepdog named Tuck.
  • I am currently burning a vanilla candle, am snuggled up under a soft Sherpa throw, with a podcast in playing in the background. Pretty cozy, don’t ya think?
  • My favorite memories include being homeschooled, apple picking, days spent on the lake, marrying my best friend, and snuggling my newborn sons, way back when!
  • I’m all about the slow and intentional life. Cozy, quiet, self care moments help fuel my mind and body so I can be the best person I can be. Self care is not selfish, it’s fuel for the soul.

About This Blog

We’re a blog dedicated to all things cozy lifestyle, self care, and wellness hacks for the chronically ill woman choosing to live her best life despite disease and symptoms.

We specialize in cozy lists you must read, best products to bring in that cozy vibe, tips and tricks for making your home and body as cozy as can be, plus reviews you can’t stop reading.

We also work hard to bring great self care ideas, wellness hacks, gift guides and favorite things lists, and a truthful and honest look at what living with chronic illness looks like through the lens of an optimistic soul.

In addition, we also create self care quote prints free to download so you can surround yourself with positivity!

My Health Story

I have lived with late-stage Lyme disease for 13 years. Bitten by a tick while pregnant with my third son, we both became sick with Lyme disease and it was two years into the infection before finally being diagnosed with it. 

Since then, I’ve also been diagnosed with ulcers, chronic migraines, Lyme-induced arthritis, wide-spread pain (think fibromyalgia), and chronic fatigue. I suffer with hair loss, weight gain, shortness of breath, and more. 

Read more about Lyme disease and my story, here

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