Get to know me

Hello, I’m Nell – wife and mother. I’m a long-time blogger, writer, and work at home mom. I’m also a chronic illness warrior, living alongside pain and fatigue for over a decade. I’m a believer in Jesus, lover of nature, walks, my rescue pup, the month of November, sharing my story, and connecting with people. I’m an introvert but enjoy the company of people here and there. (I especially love spending time with my family!)

I write about my family and my heart, what’s going on in my life, my health, and my faith. It’s a diary of sorts, an online journal. I try and keep it like an old school mom blog but with bits and pieces of inspiration, encouragement, and joy as takeaways for you reading my blog.

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Facts about me

Favorite Movie

Steel Magnolia

Favorite Song

It’s Always Been You by Phil Wickham

Favorite Band

Linkin Park

Favorite Scripture

Romans 15:13


Rescue Dog Named Charlie

Favorite Blogs

Coffee and Crumbs & Nie Nie Dialogues

About my blog

Consider it an old school mom blog.

I share my life, my heart, what’s on my mind, and what’s going on with my family. It’s seriously like those blogs from an internet time gone by.

My favorite topics:

  • family
  • marriage
  • health
  • faith

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