About Nell

About this Space

Writer, mother, mother-writer – my name is Nell and I write about motherhood, mostly. I write about the beautiful, the hard, the emotional, and the painful. I write about my mothering experience and my own childhood experience. My aim is to be inspirational and encouraging with a flow of authenticity through my words and stories. Life isn’t all roses and rainbows, but I do tend to look through a lens of gratitude for the good and the hard in my life. (I do realize this could be the case of a childhood coping mechanism mixed with my optimistic personality traits.)

About Me

I enjoy small walks around the block with my boys and my rescue dog Charlie. I could get lost in a beautiful blue sky with puffy white clouds for days. I’m a total introvert who rarely gets lonely and yet when I’m up for it, could talk for hours. I’m also a chronic illness warrior whose life has been dramatically changed with the onset of a handful of illnesses. I tend toward gratitude and a positive outlook on life but also feel pain deeply – some would say I’m an empath and I’d likely agree.


You can find me elsewhere at my once monthly newsletter wrap-up. I’m on Instagram sometimes and write more regularly on Medium. You can also find my slow living blog and my growing Book and Podcast Favorites list. I record my poems and sometimes words, too. I’m so sorry but I do have comments closed on this blog as the amount of spam I get is insane but you can interact with my content on Medium