About Nell



  • I’m a native Midwesterner turned happy Texan. I miss my family back home but love the weather and lifestyle here. I’m (mostly) happy I’m now a Texan.
  • I am married 20 years this year (2022), have three great boys who are all teens (send help!), and have a wonderful rescue dog named Charlie.
  • My favorite memories include being homeschooled, apple picking, days spent at the lake, marrying my best friend, and snuggling my newborn sons, way back when!
  • I’m all about the slow and intentional life. Cozy, quiet self care moments help fuel my mind and body so I can be the best person I can be. Self care is not selfish, it’s fuel for the soul and I love to share how you can self care yourself into a life you love!
  • I’m a wannabe poet, love written word over spoken word, and fancy a pencil and paper to create something beautiful over anything digital.
  • Time spent in nature energizes me, feeds my spirit.
  • I love Jesus, God, and grace but I’m not going to hit you over the head with my faith. It will be sprinkled into my blog and newsletter here and there because, well, that’s just natural when you love something!
  • I’m doing my best to live as normal a life I can while chronically ill and credit my loving husband and understanding children for keeping me going and pushing through to be the best (sick) person I can be.

  • My husband and I met in our late teens and have been together ever since.
  • Two of my three boys also have Lyme (one was born with it, one was bitten by a tick).
  • My oldest is a quiet young man, loves music, plays the sax, and is about to graduate high school.
  • My middle is an animal lover, wants a cat and a job desperately, and has a heart as big as Texas.
  • My youngest is a warrior child who has been through so much at a young age with a lifelong Lyme illness but he never lets that get in his way! He is a silly boy, sarcastic, and a remote learner.
  • Charlie, the rescue pup, is the sweetest dog we’ve ever had. We love him so deeply. I’ve been nothing but blessed with this rescue journey and can’t imagine not rescuing for a lifetime.

My Health Story

I have lived with late-stage Lyme disease for 14 years. Bitten by a tick while pregnant with my third son, we both became sick with Lyme disease and it was two years into the infection before finally being diagnosed with it. 

Since then, I’ve also been diagnosed with ulcers, chronic migraines, Lyme-induced arthritis, wide-spread pain (think fibromyalgia), and chronic fatigue. I suffer with hair loss, weight gain, shortness of breath, and more. 

Read more about Lyme disease and my story, here