About Nell

My name is Nell and I want to warmly welcome you.

You’re welcome here a and your story matters, your journey walking through chronic illness matters. I see you and God sees you. This space is about encouragement, realness, hope for healing, and friendship. It’s a place to be inspired, to be seen, to be understood. It’s a space where God enters the room and changes the atmosphere.

It’s a space for you! And it’s a space for me, to share my heart and experiences with you.

My Chronic Illness Journey

I’ve never been especially healthy but it wasn’t until I was bitten by a tick 12 years ago (as of 2020) that everything came crashing in on me. It took 2 years for a diagnosis and treatment. I did all the traditional treatments for Lyme disease and co-infections. I did progress through treatment to a degree but after four years of strong antibiotic treatment, I decided to follow that inner voice and give natural healing a try.

I’ve been with my ND for about 6 years or so and am grateful for his help in figuring out my body and health. Although I’m not healed from Lyme, if there’s even such a thing, I am mostly functional now, which is a blessing and so far from what I used to be, before diagnosis, and in the early years of treatment.

What I deal with now is a lot of pain in my joints and stiffness in them, as well as pain and stiff muscles. Migraines come and go, fatigue is constant, hair loss, weight gain, and a degree of depression and anxiety. I’ve had my thyroid looked at and am about to start lightly supplementing it, had treatment for my adrenal glands, which were in really bad shape, have had x-rays on my back, which showed some osteoarthritis in my neck but nowhere else, and a lot of blood work through the years. I have also had s CT scan and MRI. I’ve been through it all and looks like the bulk of my issues are definitely Lyme disease, either directly, or indirectly (body-wide inflammation from the infection, for example).

So why do I tell you all of this? I want you to know a bit of my journey so you have some context when you read my blog posts. I want to be transparent and authentic in my journey.

I’m currently treating Lyme, Bartonella, and Babesia. I’m taking supplements for my joint health, the ulcer I have from taking too many over-the-counter pills for my migraines, supplements for inflammation, and my thyroid and medication for depression and mood. I’m also in chiropractic care for some back related issues not related to joint pain.

You can read more about my story and more about Lyme, here.

About My Faith and Family

I’ve been married 18 years this year (2020) and with my husband for 21 years. I’m turning 42 this year and am thankful I get to celebrate another year on this earth, as crazy as the world is right now! I have three children, all boys, ages 16,13,11 and am a proud band mom – with all three of my children in band.

I grew up in Missouri and moved to Texas 6 years ago for a job transfer for my husband. Although I do miss part of Missouri, I am over-all happy to be a Texan now. Come football season you will find me rooting on the Chiefs though!

I’ve been a believer since a child and have had God show up in many ways in my life along the way. I love Jesus, and hope to meet Him in the sky one day! I find that my hope and perspective is strong and unshakable because of my faith in The Higher Power that is God. I’m a non-denominational believer who is very choosy about what preachers, teachers, and speakers I follow and learn from. I get much of my knowledge of Christ straight from the Bible. I believe in heaven and hell and that Jesus died and rose again and is seated next to the Father in heaven. I also believe the Holy Spirit is alive and well and active in God’s people.

In the end

I want to make it clear, I do get discouraged. I do have moments of sadness and hopelessness. I’m human and these feelings to come upon me. However, most days, I’m grateful, I’m hopeful, and I’m positive. I’m honored you’re here with me and I hope to get to know you and your story!