About Nell

My name is Nell and I want to warmly welcome you.

If you know me personally you know there are two things in life that light up my world: my family and crafts. I’m obsessed with both. This blog is a marriage of the two.

I mostly crochet and hand embroider and you’ll find a lot of my projects, finished and WIPS, on this blog.

I hope to encourage you to try your hand at crochet or hand embroider by sharing my projects here.

About My Family

I’ve been married 18 years this year (2020) and with my husband for 21 years. I’m turning 42 this year and am thankful I get to celebrate another year on this earth, as crazy as the world is right now! I have three children, all boys, ages 16,13,11 and am a proud band mom – with all three of my children in band.

I grew up in Missouri and moved to Texas 6 years ago for a job transfer for my husband. Although I do miss part of Missouri, I am over-all happy to be a Texan now. Come football season you will find me rooting on the Chiefs though!