Adventures in Hat Making

I’m just loving the heck out of crocheting! Learning all the different stitches, making my stitches better and better with practice, trying different patterns – and even making my own patterns… all of it is just so much fun.

It’s funny because, while out on the boat last week on vacation, I mentioned I should have brought my yarn and hook. My mother-in-law said I need to learn how to just relax. Immediately my husband piped in that this is how she she relaxes. And he is correct. This is how I relax. It’s so calming to my mind and my body. Basically, if you haven’t tried knitting or crocheting, you really should. Once you get past the initial confusion of learning something new, I really think you would love it!

This first hat is the one I made for my youngest son. I measured his head and then also sized it with the yarn around his head. I don’t know if that was completely necessary. I did it because I made a hat for my middle son, and it ended up being far too large for him. Anyway, I used this pretty brown yarn by Vanna White.

I did a row of double crochet and then the rest was the wattle stitch, stitching the sides together, and cinching it at the top. And bam, a hat! And it fit! Double yay.

I also put together a pink one just to try it out with a thinner yarn. Plus, you know, pink!

This one I did a couple rows of single crochet and the rest was the wattle stitch. I stitched the sides together, cinched the top, and added a cute pom pom on top.

I just love this stitch!

You can check out the video below to learn how to do the wattle stitch. It’s the video I used. Such a simple, yet beautiful stitch.

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