Angels Watching…

I breathe deeply the fresh crisp air that circles us as we quietly watch your mother labor.

She rocks back and fortiStock_000003847880XSmallh, making soft noises of a woman in labor. Her husband, unsure of what to do, offers his hand to her in hopes it will give her some comfort.

The room is filled with palpable anticipation. Even the animals surrounding us are aware of the new life about to join the world.

It’s been hours since your mother began the process of bringing you forth. She is growing tired and it’s beginning to show on her soft face.

As she rocks and moves and walks and moves, slowly bringing you down, she hums to herself. Though I’m unsure what she is humming, her voice brings it forth like a beautiful symphony.

We watch. We’re surrounded by excitement and joy. We feel it intensify as you get closer and closer to being born.

It’s time, she says urgently. A single tear drops from her eye and rolls down her cheek. She’s ready. Ready to lay eyes on the baby she’s been carrying for oh so long. Her son. The worlds savior.

And there you are, baby Jesus, delivered by your earthly father and placed into the arms of your mother.

You’re beautiful, with your scrunched up face and wet hair.

There you are. The King of Kings, born right in front of my eyes. You’re just a tiny little thing, but one day you’ll deliver the world and give the greatest gift of all — your life in exchange for theirs.

Many will love you. Many others will curse your name. Many will call you their King, their Father, their deliverer. And many, many more will deny you.

You will bring people back from death. You will set free men and women from demons. And you’ll heal, oh will you heal. Blind will see, deaf will hear, lame will walk.

Sweet baby Jesus, you will one day die a painful death. You’ll be betrayed.

And you’ll do it all because you love them so much.

But right now you’re just a sweet, pale, wet baby softly whimpering as you’re cuddled by your exhausted mother. A mother who loves you in a way she never knew possible.

Welcome to the world, baby.

It’ll never be the same again.

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