Another Full Circle Moment

The oh so familiar music of Its the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown caught my attention as I was surfing blogs for a contributor assignment due soon.

Without hesitation I walked out to the living room, turned the channel to ABC and snuggled up with my son to watch it.

And as I sat there, with my son tucked up in my arms, I relived my own childhood memories of doing the same with my Mother. At the same time I realized that one day my own son will be sitting with his children reliving the memories we’re creating together tonight.

There’s such a beauty and comfort in full circle moments like these.

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  1. I love that movie….the memories! We’re the Brown family and so we have our youngest son convinced that Charlie is his cousin…..it was so fun to see him work that around in his mind. Gotta love a good Charlie Brown movie!

    Tara B.s last blog post..My First Blog Awards!

  2. My 4yo and I just watched this together yesterday. (it was in our dvr)
    We watched it while my 18 month old napped, and we snuggled on the couch, too, just enjoying the time between the 2 of us.
    I got choked up.
    It was beautiful. I look forward to the day when he can look back on this with fond memories, creating the same with his own children!

    Btw, thanks for the blog visit last week! 🙂

    Sharons last blog post..Story Time! Take a Break and Read This

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