At First Sight

I’m 11 weeks into this third pregnancy. It’s been slightly different than the other two. Morning sickness came on early and only in the morning. Then it moved to all day like with the boys. Then it got bad — which it never did before. And then at about 9 weeks…nothing. No morning sickness…nothing. I still have strong adversions to certain foods and eating them will make me sick, but other than that I’m feeling no morning sickness.

It was very odd to say the least. Not like the other two pregnancies. I was always sick from about 6-7 weeks until 12 or more weeks. It was all day long but never bad enough to get sick. Just annoying.

I’ve been a bit on edge since the morning sickness went away so early….hoping everything was still okay with the baby. So I show up to the appointment today a little on edge about what was going to happen. I go through my blood work (yuck), pap (oh fun) and all that jazz. They try to find the heart beat and can’t. I worry. They get the ultra sound machine out and there he/she is…secure in my womb, arms moving, body moving….heart beating.

Pure bliss. I couldn’t take my eyes off the baby. Even though I’ve seen my other two inside me before I still can’t get over what a beautiful miracle it is. My eyes were fixed on the screen, my heart was happy…walking on a cloud.

Because I can’t feel the baby yet. Because we’ve not had the easiest time coming to terms with this surprise pregnancy. Because I was worried the baby was even okay, this picture of him/her has made me not only happy and relieved but developed that bond I was hoping would happen soon. There’s nothing like seeing the baby or hearing the heart beat (or feeling it move) to make it all so real and wonderful.

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  1. Thanks ladies. Means a lot to me to have your kind words about such an important time in my life. My Mom asked me if I had a sense of what sex it was by looking at it…tee hee, no Mommy. One of my friends thinks it’s a girl and said it looks like one…tee hee — from her lips to God’s ears 😉

  2. He’s beautiful! Glad he’s doing fine – I had several panic moments during my pregnancy, only to have everything turn out perfectly.

    Jane’s last blog post..Back Home!

  3. Jane, you know something I don’t? lol I’ve had an instinct for a while that it’s another boy so you’re likely right when you called him a he 😉

  4. Nell I’m glad to hear that everything was ok. I remember the time at one of my appointments that they couldn’t find the heartbeat…that’s the worst feeling in the world. Ultrasound pictures are the most amazing things to me…I won’t ever tire of looking at them even if they aren’t mine. I do hope that one day soon I get the chance to be looking at one because I’m pregnant again.

    Tishia Lee’s last blog post..Update on the Events from Last Night

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