I sit here breathing in deep and slow, trying to get on top of my air hunger. I can’t get on top of it though. I feel like I can’t breathe. I suck in deep and as soon as the breath comes in, and goes out, I’m hungry for air again. I gasp through conversations, and when walking up the stairs, and when lying down, and when bathing, and when eating… always. hungry. for air.

When beginning treatment for Babesia a few years ago, I got really sick. I had terrible migraines, air hunger, stomach aches, muscle cramps, and puking. I felt like I’d been hit by a mac truck, I had insomnia like none other, and felt like an elephant was sleeping on my chest. This went on for months until I started finally feeling a little better. The only symptoms to remain were the migraines and the air hunger, which have never really left, but did get better.

Now that I’m seeing an ND, my air hunger has gotten worse again. I can’t tell if its a herx or that I need to be on a different herb for Babesia. I emailed him and hope to hear back soon. It’s gotten bad. I just want it to go away. I don’t understand how a group of bacteria can be so much stronger and more determined than years of antibiotics and months of herbs but they are. But like hell and I going to give up. I’ll fight until I take my last breath and I fully intend to take my final breath at a ripe old age, in a healthy body.


Some jewelry I stamped tonight – thinking of putting some of them up for sale if I get enough interest.





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