Baby Grackle Rescue

While walking Charlie, I immediately spotted him, a little bird on the ground by our tree. My heart sunk. It’s triple digits, it wasn’t old enough to fly, it even had a couple ants around it. I approached it after we walked Charlie and it opened its mouth. Poor thing was just a little baby.

I couldn’t just let it die. I had to try something. So, at first I moved it to the bushes to be cooler. But, I just knew it was too young to be on the ground. So we brought it into the house and eventually put it into a container. I felt better, I knew at least it was safe for now. I found a local wildlife rescue and texted them pictures and a plea of what to do.

Would the mom even take the baby back since I touched it? Would it have a prayer to survive? Could we raise it? Luckily, the lady we talked to identified it as a grackle, and said we needed to find the nest and put it back in the nest. That it would be its best chance of survival and our scent wouldn’t be a problem.

So off we I went searching for a nest. The tree I found it under had no nest. There’s a tree a few feet from it and sure enough I located a nest. A flimsy nest but a nest and quickly noticed a mama grackle in the tree. I felt pretty confident it was the right nest. Zane and I got the ladder, the bird, and Zane did his best to squeeze into the dense tree to put the baby back in the nest. Last I checked it was still in the nest.

If it falls out again, we’ll go from there but for now I feel hopeful mama grackle will come back and feed her baby.

It was a really sweet experience and I’m glad Zane and I were able to help the baby and its parents as best as possible. Fingers crossed all is well. It just sunk my heart seeing this completely helpless bird on the ground!

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