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I’ve been thinking about this baby a lot lately. Not all thoughts have been happy and pleasent mind you. I’m getting a wee bit nervous about how I’m going to handle it all on an empty tank of sleep.

The fun thoughts have been guessing what he might look like. I’m so curious as to who he might resemble more or if he’ll be a totally different look than my other two kids.

I dug through photos of us all as babies/youngin’s and just can’t wait to see this new baby’s little face! Will he have his Daddy’s face shape or mine or none of the above? Will he have my eyes or Daddy’s or none of the above? Will he have lighter brown hair like Daddy as a baby or my dark hair? Will we finally get that baby with loads of curls like his Daddy or will he be bald like I was — likely somewhere in the middle since both our kids had hair when they were born.

Here are pictures of us as babies:





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