Band Mom

This is Nick’s third year in band and his last year in middle school band. Such a big deal. My oldest boy will be a high school freshman next year! It’s hard to believe. And I hope he’ll be in band. I have no idea how that works in high school. Do you try out? Are there limited spaces? I don’t know. I need to find such things out.

I want him to continue with band throughout high school, if possible. I’ve found band to be a positive experience for him. We are going to make sure the other two kids start in band in middle school, too. Although we won’t “force” the kids to continue in high school, we will strongly encourage they continue. I’ve seen only good things come from being in band.

Thursday night Nick had a band performance at the high school, along with another middle school, and the high school – which was such a treat.

Nick did great! I’m so proud of him.

Friday night he stayed after school for sectionals, and this morning he had a two hour practice session as well. This last year in band has been much more involved but it’s been great and I’m happy to proudly be a band mom and escort him around and cheer for him! Even if the songs I’ve heard a million times.

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