One of my most favorite parts of Texas is the warm weather most of the year, perfect for barefoot walks in the evening with my children. I’ll never tire of walking with them, looking for bugs, toads, and whatever comes across our path that is deemed interesting. My word am I ever a blessed momma.



I will deeply miss walking with my children when they grow up and move away. I will deeply miss their company, their stories, their giggles, watching them interact with one another, and walk around barefoot. These days are going far too quickly for my liking. I’m holding on and will soon need to learn the art of holding tight and letting go at the same time. My N is going to be a teenager this next year. His next birthday he’ll be 13. And Mr. D will be 8 this December, my baby! Not to mention my middle son, Z, just turned double digits. It’s all going so fast, friends. So very fast.

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