Be A Stubborn Bull Dog When Something Is Wrong

It hasn’t been an easy couple of days for my body. I am trying to do my best to hold fast to the Lord and know that I will find the best treatment for my body. In the meantime my fatigue and weakness (among many other symptoms) has sidelined my usual energy and enthusiasm for life.

My DO suggested Candida could be at the root of my problems, but I still heard the “mom of two young kids” from her lips that I had heard from the previous doctors. She gave me a dose of a synthetic drug to help with the Candida and told me to come back if things didn’t get better.

She didn’t want to do blood work or anything of that nature. The more I read about synthetic drugs for this problem the more I think I’ll go the natural route. There is a natural product that I have my eyes on and although it is pricey it wouldn’t be any more than if I had to stay on this synthetic for months.

I’m still on the impossibly strict diet as well. I have managed to maintain the diet and found I could even indulge in a crunchy yummy rice cake from time to time. I would have never thought a rice cake would be a treat, but when you have to cut out sugar, yeast, fruit, wheat, dairy…etc…it really is quite the treat.

Most everything I read suggests I will live with the symptoms for months and will need to maintain the diet and stay on a treatment plan to rid my body of the Candida. In my own personal efforts to know if this is the problem I have ordered a test at a large legitimate lab very close to home and will get tested myself. I figure if I doctor isn’t willing to then I’ll take this problem into my own hands and take care of myself as best I can.

In my weeks of research I’ve found that Candida has been linked with MS, CFS, Autism, IBS and other diseases. I have to say that as difficult as it is for me to live each day feeling the way I have since November I finally feel poised to take my health back. In the meantime I’m struggling to get through each day and not let this affect my kids, my home, and my relationship with my husband. It isn’t easy to keep things going when you can barely move around without becoming exhausted.

Although I am 99% sure this is the problem I am not naïve enough to think there might be something more severe and that is why I’m going to do the Candida lab test myself (without the doctor ordering it). I can’t wait around for my doctors to finally decide this needs to be tested for.

I have faith in the Lord that he will lead me to resources and people I need in order to get my health back. Thank you all for your prayers and good thoughts.

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  1. Hi,
    I just feel the need to share my personal story with you. I was stricken with the CFS in the early 80’s and didn’t know what was wrong and that’s when the condition wasn’t known in the medical world as it is today. Finally in the early 90’s I found a naturopathic dr. and he diagnosed the problem as CFS and started me on supplements from Standard Process Co. and after about 3 months I felt like a different person. There is hope. Feel free to email me any questions or comments.

  2. Hey hun,

    I know it feels like forever right now, but trust me, you’ll be feeling better in a matter of weeks if you stick to the diet. Have you thought about using some of the other natural remedies too? Garlic, Caprylic Acid, Oregano Oil, etc… I’m sure you’ve come across some of these in your reading.



  3. Hey Nell,

    I feel for you. You are SOOO on the right track with being diligent. Nobody knows your body like you! The diet IS hard, and so are the colon and candida cleanses, but it’s part of the road to better health. Keep researching and find a good naturopathic dr. I think one might be easier for you to find in your part of the country than it was for me. I’ve had to do the best I can with what I’ve got (my son has autism) and we’ve made leaps and bounds.

    P.S. I’ll be thinking of you :o)

    Shannon H.

  4. My encyclopedia on medicinal herbs recommends Elderflower (tea) or Lapacho (tea or capsules) for Candidiasis.

    Tea Tree Oil &/or Marigold(Calendula) for thrush. Calendula has been fantastic as an anti-inflammatory/fungal/bacteria aid for me.

    All the best in your search & recovery.

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