It’s in the moments of quiet and stillness that I hear Him speak to me.

When I’m walking the neighborhood alone or worshiping Him or driving alone or reading my bible or when I’m in prayer.

I heard Him Friday night. I heard Him clear as day.

“Forgive Yourself”, God said.

I cried. I let it out. It affected me deeply, those two little words coming from my Heavenly Father.

I’m still in the process of forgiving myself. It isn’t easy. But it’s a direct “order” from Him and I know it’s time I do what He says.

Forgive Yourself… He’s already forgiven us all… it’s time we forgive ourselves.

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  1. I just came home from bible study and we were studying this. To abide in him. I also have to say you need to remember He loves you! If you had been the only person on the Earth He would have still died on the cross for you. He loves you.
    .-= Pepper´s last blog ..What’s in a name… =-.

  2. It’s like you read my mind.

    I felt struck with this on Saturday, and it was humbling just how much God was saying HE already forgave me, but I still needed to forgive myself. (for me, as a Catholic, this meant Confession, too, which was such a blessing).

    Being still is hard to do, but so fruitful.
    Amazing post.
    .-= Sharon´s last blog ..Good Deals + Playing the Shopping Game =-.

  3. It still amazes me that one of the hardest things for me to do is forgive myself. I can forgive others, but forgive myself? yep, that one is tough. Thank you for this beautiful post.
    .-= Blessed´s last blog ..Sorrow =-.

  4. It’s interesting that you posted this Nell. I’m struggling with this very thing. About a month ago at church one Sunday morning our worship leader had a word about not condemning ourselves for things of the past and that God has forgiven us so it’s time to forgive ourselves. But there are so many things in my past, even really recently that I’ve done that I can’t forgive myself for no matter how hard I try and it’s really tearing me up on the inside.

    Your post just confirmed that I really do need to let go of these things and forgive myself. I know it’s going to be a long process but one that I definitely need to work on!
    .-= Tishia Lee´s last blog ..WW: The Tree That Grew Shoes =-.

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