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because God doesn’t kill…

After the devastating tornado in Moore Oklahoma last week I’d noticed a lot of talk around our Christian community about it. Did God send it? Did God allow it? Why did it happen? Why were little children killed? I could say so much about this but feel a conversation I had with my children would be better to share.

The weather began looking stormy earlier this afternoon. Dark clouds and winds and that sense that storms were on their way hung heavy in the air. Which prompted my middle son to announce tornadoes were on their way. I reassured him that we weren’t under any tornado watches. It might rain or thunder but everything should be fine. That opened up the door to ask my children some questions about the bad things in life.

I asked them if God sends tornadoes to kill people, or for any reason. To which they promptly all said NO. I asked them why they felt this way, to which they answered because God is good and He doesn’t kill. I was proud of them and excited to see that raising them under the teachings of grace has been getting into their precious little hearts.

I then asked them if God gives little kids cancer. To which my middle son asked what cancer was. After explaining it to them they both immediately answered that God wouldn’t make little kids sick. I asked what causes the bad things in life. My oldest son piped up that it’s the devil. I used that opportunity to teach him that not all bad things are directly Satan, sometimes bad things happen because of our own bad choices. After giving them a few examples they were able to understand that, although Satan is the evil in the world, sometimes we human beings make the choice to agree with the lies of Satan, making bad decisions in our lives.

Needless to say, I’m very happy to know that my children have it deep down in their hearts that God is good, bad things aren’t because of God, ever. Praise God for their young little hearts and the revelation of grace and God’s goodness already growing inside their hearts and minds.

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