My laptop died last week. Our desktop is upstairs and on the brink as well. So I haven’t been updating this blog as much as I should. I’m really forcing myself to do this right now. But I know I’ll regret it if I just let the blog drop.

Nick’s birthday was last week. He turned 11. Next year he’ll be 12. The year after, 13. It’s nuts to think about. And then my thoughts drift to my middle son turning 9 this year and my baby, my BABY, turning 7. ¬†We had my in-laws over for his party. It was a lovely time. We looked through Nick’s baby albums, ate pizza and salad, watched him open gifts, and had ice cream cake. It really was delightful. I did miss having the big birthday’s we did in Missouri with lots of family, but we made him feel special, and I don’t think he even noticed, really. It was mostly me who noticed.

PicMonkey Collage

We got caught in the rain Friday evening. Nick and Zane wanted to go for a walk. I’m not even lying, half way through our walk the skies opened up, and drenched us all the way home. We got home, got dressed in dry clothes, and as quickly as the rain came, it left. How weird! Just enough for us to get soaked. The kids liked it. I wasn’t as pleased by the rain because my phone and camera were getting wet. In fact, the phone has water damage but works enough to get me through until we can get a new one.


Things I wanna remember:

When Dash came outside in the dark with Adam and I and said he saw a human in the window next door.

Walking the kids to school and getting hugs and kisses from Dash before entering his school.

Zane out of the blue saying he loves me a lot.

Nick laughing in the rain as he rode his bike home.

And these pictures:




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