I’ve tried knitting and crocheting a handful of times in my life and each time I’ve failed miserably. I just couldn’t quite figure it out. The idea of making something functional, like a blanket or scarf, really appealed to me. And so, as much as I didn’t really want to try again – I did.

I bought some yarn for a baby blanket I’m gifting my sweet baby niece for Christmas, a hook, and got busy watching tutorials online. Yay for quality crochet tutorials online. Gone are the days of needing to purchase DVD sets to instruct me. And books, ha! Forget about it, those never teach me well. I learn best by watching.


I spent an evening pouring over tutorials. I watched the very basics to more complicated stitches and designs. Something in my mind began clicking this time.

I picked up the hook and did a slip knot. And then I chained stitches. And then I single crocheted, double crocheted, and half double crocheted. I was learning.


I decided on something super duper simple for the blanket. A very basic double crochet throughout the entire blanket. I figured, for my first big project I’d better try something I was most comfortable with and besides, the yarn I chose is so beautiful, I figured it would shine bright no matter how plain the design.


I’ve made a couple mistakes with this project. All in all I’m pleased with my progress. I’m learning and am eating up crochet. I’m even considering knitting once I get a few more complicated designs down with crochet. Or maybe I should just stick with crochet until I’m more of a pro. I just love trying new things.


Going into this project I had no idea how long a blanket would take to stitch! And I though embroidery art took a long time to complete – HA! I really don’t know how crocheters and knitters who make their living selling their creations do it. I would think you’d have to sell your creations for hundreds of dollars, yet I see it so cheap online.


My middle son, Z, wants a blanket now. And of course little D wasn’t far behind him with that request. So I might be neck deep in yarn, making blankets for loved ones, for months!

I’m also looking into charities to crochet for, if you know of any that you think I’d love, please leave me a comment below!

I’m so happy I decided to pick up the hook and try again.

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