Today is June 7th. Just a regular day. Nothing special. Yet, it feels special. It’s seriously a normal day but my heart could burst with joy for the blessings in my life.

I have a beautiful, healthy, happy family. I have my lovely in-laws just down the road. They can pop in whenever they want. Which might not sound nice to some of you, but it is so fun to have them this close. In fact, my father-in-law just left the house from coming over this morning to do our lawn, which he loves to do. He was used to spending all day doing his lawn in Missouri, so he enjoys doing his little lawn here and our little lawn, too.

We “team t’d” the house this morning and it smells so good and looks great in here. I love that we are such a good team. I’ll miss this so much. So very much. I can’t imagine daily life without my kids at home but that day is coming so much faster than I’d ever have imagined when they were born. But at the same time, I have a wonderful husband and will have a great time with him, just he and I.

I am making it a goal in my life to do at least one vlog a week. I used to videotape the kids and our life a lot more when they were younger. Why did I stop? I’ll miss this time of our lives and want to remember it as much as when they were babies. And so, I’m happy – very happy – to start this for us and my family. One day, my husband and I will be able to watch these and smile, and cry, and laugh, and smile some more.

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