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Blissful Mama

I’ve lost six pounds since moving to Texas. I credit that to eating less fast food and more activity. Whodathunkit? I’ve been enjoying swimming every other day, riding bikes, and daily walks. I’m not trying to lose weight or work out more, I’ve just been taking advantage of everything our area has to offer. But I will admit, losing weight does make me very happy. Now, only 50 more pounds to go!


Evening swims have been a family favorite. We’ve yet to enjoy the adult only pool but that’s perfectly fine with me. Swimming around with my kids is more than enough to make this momma’s heart happy. And I still get plenty of exercise! I’m so happy, friends. I’m so very happy. Dare I say, I’ve never been this happy in all my life?! I don’t remember a time in recent years when I’ve been this happy. Its bliss that this tired heart needed desperately.


Life is good. Very, very good. I almost feel bad enjoying my life so much with all the pain in the world right now. But I’m gently reminded by my amazing God that a happy and filled up person is much more able to extend joy and love to others than one who isn’t happy and filled up. It’s true and I see it already in how much more patient and loving I am, not only with my own children, but with the people I run into around me. My heart still aches so badly for the Christians in the middle east who are dying, suffering, leaving their homes, and watching their babies be-headed. They are being persecuted and dying for their faith. I want to scoop them all up in my arms and rush them into safety. My heart literally hurts for them and I’m reminded in my own pain how much more pain God feels right now. I pray and ache and look for tangible ways to help my precious brothers and sisters in Christ.

God, I pray that Your love always be pressed hard upon my heart for the hurting in the world, even in my own comfort and safety, that I wouldn’t take for granted what I have, and never stop praying for those who need Your power the most.

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