Brown Like Chocolate

See that little adorable boy right there?

Look at that sweet smile and face.

Doesn’t it just scream loveliness?

Aside from the fact that he is just plain adorable, he is also any girls dream.

Right now that girl is me. He greets me each morning with the most heartfelt “I Love You” I think I’ve ever heard.

He expresses his thanks for my cleaning up the house, loves to help me do the dishes and laundry, adores (and I mean ADORES) his new baby brother, enjoys teaching his 2 year old brother new things… the list could go on and on.

He’s going to be the worlds best Daddy and Husband.

And, here’s proof he’ll melt the ladies hearts with more than just his looks and winning personality.

This morning I asked him to tell me more about his best friend, Ida. She is the only girl in his school that he likes. All his other “best friends” are boys. So naturally, I wanted to know more about her.

He answered, “She has brown hair. It’s curly.”

I asked him to tell me more. To which he said, “She has brown eyes. You know, like chocolate. And she smiles a lot.”

I melted right there in my seat. This little four year old boy knows the color of his little girl friends eyes!

What a lovely little boy he is.

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  1. My 4-year-old girl has a preschool boyfriend. It surely is amazing, watching these little people flower. Although my husband always looks at my daughter’s little friend sideways. Maybe Ida’s father has similar concerns about your little man. 😉

    Ambers last blog post..Beauty out of Chaos

  2. Awwww shucks! That’s so sweet. And you are right on the money, Mama! My ex-husband couldn’t tell me what color my eyes were one day when I shut them and asked. Since my eyes change from blue to green and back quite often, he had a pretty good shot at guessing and getting it right… but he guessed BROWN! Now you know why I divorced him. LOL

    cheles last blog post..TMT: Da Ya Think I’m Sexy?

  3. That is si heartwarming! 🙂 What a guy.

    Mine is similar, also 4. He has 2 girlfriends in his preschool class-they’re twin sisters. It’s adorable to see the interact. They make cards for each other all the time.

    If they only stayed this innocent!

    Sharons last blog post..Brightened My Day!

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