Neenee had his first filling today. He walked into the office with his green blankie that he goes everywhere with and sat down on my lap to wait. I planned on going back with him and even snapping a couple pictures…well, because I like to document everything in life. But the lady didn’t want me to go back. I suppose they feel it goes better without the parent. It was hard for me not to fight this request but because he was okay going alone I let him.

Only 15 minutes later he was done. He didn’t fidget or squirm or cry or fuss or anything. He did such a good job. He was a lot more brave than I would have been. He also managed to charm all the ladies again. Oh he is such a sweet angel when he wants to be. Very respectful and brave but still has a deep love for his blankie he’s had since birth and being snuggled by his Mommy.

I’m so proud of him. I carry this new baby around in my belly everyday. I feel him kick me, move, and let his presence be known. I then look at my 4 year old and get a wee bit teary eyed thinking of how quickly he has grown. I love all my children deeply but something about my firstborn growing up makes me even more teary and sentimental.

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  1. what a brave boy! I think I would cry if they didn’t let me go back. What a brave MAMA! Four seems so little to go back there by himself. I bet he felt really grown-up.

    Mommas last blog post..Wordless Wednesday

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