If you ever come to the Kansas City, Missouri area around this time of year, you’ll have to check out the Plaza downtown! It’s a place for shopping, eating, Christmas lights, and horse drawn carriage rides.

There isn’t anything quite like it in this area, and you just can’t do Christmas without it. I used to go every year with my family as a young child & Adam and I have gone together a couple of times. It’s going to be a yearly tradition for our little family from here on out.

Tonight was just perfect. The weather was nice a cool (not cold, not windy, just perfect), there wasn’t much traffic, the boys were both in great moods, the horses were sweet, the lights were great, and hubbs/me had a wonderful time.

Here are a couple pictures.

By the way, I wore Nicky in my POD from All Natural Mommies.com — what a life saver!

Our horses name was magnus.

I know I’m blessed everyday of my life. I’ve got a great little family. But, tonight I was just swimming around in my blessings and warm hearted, fuzzy emotions!

Merry Christmas!

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  1. Nell,
    wow we live really close to each other. I did not realize you lived so close to me. We will have to get together sometime. Looks like you had an awesome time. And what a great tradition to have.

  2. Nell this warms my heart. I love this time of the year and wish it lasted all year long. Families getting out and having such a good time with the christmas spirit. Also you are one good looking family hehe 🙂

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