captain stallsworth

He’s a big boy now. He is fully potty trained (except at night) and rockin’ the big boy undies.

I’m super proud of him…not to mention relieved! And look how cute he is in all his undie glory.

The one thing I’m not lovin’ is his new reason to stall for bedtime… just call him Captain Stallsworth.

“I gotta pee, Mom.”

“I just peed, Mom.”

“I need to poop, Mom.”

“I need to wash it out 4 times, Mom”

“I want to flush it, Mom.”

“I just peed again, Mom.”

My excitement that I don’t have to change his butt anymore (even if I still have to wipe it LOL) overrides the slight annoyance with how long bedtime now takes.

One down, one to go!

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