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    Waco Day 4

    The last day was a travel day. We managed to run into an accident but thankfully we were able to get off the highway and bypass it mostly. By the time we got home, we were all pretty exhausted but not too exhausted for 54th Street for lunch. Over all, it was a nice little spring break trip with the family.

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    Waco Day 3

    We started out out day at Cracker Barrell, which was right next to the hotel. After a yummy breakfast, we headed to the Texas Ranger Museum. It was actually more interesting than I thought it would be. Although not the most fun activity we may have dreamed of, it was still neat to learn about this part of Texas history. We then closed out of the day playing games in bed.

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    The Value of These People

    To know this dynamic is to love this dynamic. We’re the fab 7 and have always been tight. These two people, my husband’s wonderful parents, have been a solid, stable, giving, and loving force in our lives. From day one, they’ve been the absolute best grandparents and, as we’ve worked out the normal kinks of the in-law relationship throughout the years, have become an incredibly important part of my life as well – and of course, they’re freaking amazing with their sons! They’re the example for Adam and I of how to be with our own boys when they grow…

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    Baby Grackle Rescue

    While walking Charlie, I immediately spotted him, a little bird on the ground by our tree. My heart sunk. It’s triple digits, it wasn’t old enough to fly, it even had a couple ants around it. I approached it after we walked Charlie and it opened its mouth. Poor thing was just a little baby. I couldn’t just let it die. I had to try something. So, at first I moved it to the bushes to be cooler. But, I just knew it was too young to be on the ground. So we brought it into the house and eventually…

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    Weekend Chat 4/11/21

    This week has been kind of funky. I didn’t do much at all because of my symptoms overriding my desire to do things. I spent 3 hours at the cardiologist, 24 hours hooked up to a heart monitor, and a weekend without my children (they’re on a short vacation) and a whole lotta time in bed. You feel me? If you know, you know. Let’s chat about my week, shall we? click to enlarge – on a phone? Pinch and zoom in. Wednesday my husband and I spent the better part of 3 and a half hours at the cardiologist…

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    Weekend Chat 4/4/2021

    It’s been a bit of a rough week with my health and because of that I’ve not been doing a lot physically. My walks have gone from a few blocks long to literally up to the end of my street and back down, if even that. I am counting down the days until I’m able to go to the cardiologist on Wednesday of this week. But enough of that right now. I’m here and alive and I’m very grateful! click to enlarge – on a phone? Pinch and zoom in. I got my order of prints of my artwork in…

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    Weekend Chat 3/27/2021

    Welcome to the second edition of the Weekend Chat series here at Sincerely Nell. How was your week? I’d love to know your highlights. Feel free to leave them in the comments section below! This week has been kind of crazy. Mostly a typical week but the end of it has me being referred to a cardiologist. Me! 42 year old me. There is a lot of heart disease on both sides of my family, I have had Lyme (which can attack the heart) for 13 years, I’m overweight, and although recently my cholesterol numbers were fine, they’ve not always…

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    Waco Trip Day 2

    Want to read day one of Waco? Click here. I love Waco. It isn’t good for a long trip. One or two days would be good for most people. And one of the things you must do there is go to the Cameron Park zoo. It’s such a unique zoo, with its winding path and tall bamboo. I really like this zoo. It’s small compared to many zoos which is another reason I really enjoy it. Two hours and you’re done. So day two was all about the zoo. Cameron Park Zoo Highlights Click to enlarge (pinch the screen on…

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    Weekend Chat 3/20/2021

    I’m ending the week in as much pain as I began it, just as fatigued, and just as tired of being sick as I have been for 13 years but friends, I’m okay with that because here’s the thing, I have so much to be thankful for no matter what challenges I face in this life, I am blessed beyond measure. Truly, I am so grateful. So, while yes I am working toward healing, and hoping against hope that I’ll become functional enough to thoroughly enjoy a more typical lifestyle, I am still grateful for the blessings I do have…

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    Our Waco Vacation, Day 1

    We had a great vacation to Waco with the kids on spring break. This post is all about our first day there, driving down, and checking into the hotel. We stopped by my in-laws before we left to drop off a house key so they could get in and collect our mail for us. We stayed for about 30 minutes before taking off for the two hours to Waco. We left about 12 noon on Monday the 8th of March. The two older boys napped much of the way down to Waco while my youngest son played his phone in…

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    Apple Crochet Pattern

    Growing up, September always brought apple picking at an orchard in Weston, Missouri. Every year my mom, brother, and I would spend the day picking apples and eating fresh treats. We brought that tradition into my adult years and would go with my brother and mom and my oldest son. And then, we transitioned from that apple orchard to the one across the road, it was more of a pumpkin patch. My point is, I love apple picking season. Sadly, there’s no such thing in this part of Texas, or if any part of Teas – I’m not sure they…

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    Being Grateful for What Your Body Can Do.

    This morning, I stepped out back to let my dog out and noticed the beautiful temperatures. I checked my phone and found it was only 68 degrees, in JUNE in Texas! Very rare, especially with the dry heat. So, I dragged my aching body out for a walk and I’m so glad I did. It was gorgeous! Birds singing and a nice breeze. Every single step hurt my joints and it did bring some of my focus away from the beauty around me, but, it didn’t ruin my experience. Each step I felt it in my joints, in my back,…

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    My (Lack of) Diagnosis & Finding Eternal Hope

    Thursday I spoke with my ND (Naturopath) about my thyroid results and it wasn’t as expected, nor as wanted. “Your thyroid seems to be functioning pretty well…” You’d think I’d jump for joy, hurray, my thyroid is healthy! I didn’t celebrate. I quietly listened as he explained all my numbers, how a couple of markers were on the low side, but nothing significant and how he suspects my pain could be from body-wide inflammation caused by an infection, my Lyme infection most likely. My heart sunk. “Lyme-related”. Why was I disappointed that it wasn’t a thyroid issue vs. Lyme related…

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    Free Crochet Hamster Pattern Review

    I went looking for a quick, easy project to whip up in one sitting and found this delightful hamster pattern by Grace & Yarn. Pattern at a glance: 3.5 mm hook Worsted weight yarn in main color and accent color Safety eyes, or you could embroider them Stuffing (She has the full list of pattern items on her blog post.) You need to be familiar with the single crochet, magic circle, single crochet increase, and the decrease stitch. This pattern took me a little over an hour in total. My Thoughts: This is a super well thought out pattern, easy…

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    Gary the Happy Snail

    My middle son has always been a nature lover. He adores nature, animals, bugs, and the like. While walking home from fishing a month ago he stumbled upon a couple of garden snails and asked if he could keep them at the house in a container. And me being the cool mom, I said, yes. That was a month and 12 snails ago and we still have a snail colony going strong. He loves the snails, takes care of them, makes sure they have a nice clean home etc. And he leaves them alone for the most part, as not…

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    My First Amigurumi

    I love Amigurumi so much! I never thought I’d like making crocheted animals and cute thing as much as I do. But I do. I really, really do. There are so many adorable patterns available to crochet. And I’ve purchased my fair share of them in the past month. But, as fun as making something from a pattern is, I also dreamed of making my own animal from my imagination only. Today, I jumped in with both feet and gave it a whirl. And I have to say, I really kinda like the end result. It’s a tiny little interesting…

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    Cozy Crocheted Socks

    I wanted a super simple project. Something that worked up quickly and yet was a functional, wearable piece. After searching YouTube for patterns, going through a few, I found the one I wanted to try. Benat Quickie Slippers, which you can find by clicking here. A couple of important notes about this pattern You’ll need a size 8/L hook A chunky yarn (I just used a worsted weight but used two skeins in one to make a chunkier yarn) You’ll want to measure the sock against your foot as you go. And I recommend making it a bit snug to…