The Violet Washcloth

I love a handmade cotton washcloth. Who doesn’t? They’re soft yet enough friction to clean your face. And, the design possibilities are endless with crochet. You can make them look really interesting!

This is a super simple crochet stitch (the wattle stitch) and it whips up nice and fast. Perfect for a beginner or someone who just wants a quick project. I banged out three Violet Washcloths in one evening.

What I used:

  • I Love This Cotton Yarn by Hobby Lobby in Warm Blush, Dove, and Taupe – this is currently my most favorite cotton yarn.
  • 5mm hook
  • Row counter or tape measure
  • Tapestry Needle to weave in the ends

Skill Level:

Beginner familiar chaining, single and double crochet and crocheting in the chain one space. Are you a visual person? Just head to YouTube and type in Wattle Crochet Stitch, I know there are good videos there, including one by my crochet friend, Jessica, of Mama in a Stitch.

Pattern Speak:

Ch – chain

Sk – skip

SC – single crochet

CH1 – chain one

DC – double crochet


The Violet Washcloth is 6×8 but you can easily adjust the sizing by crocheting your chain in a multiple of 3’s. So for example, in this pattern, the starting chain is 37 but you could easily make your chain 43 stitches if you’d like. The Violet Washcloth is 27 rows but again you can add more rows to increase the sizing of the washcloth.

Written Pattern:

Chain 37

Row 1:

Sk 2 ch, sc in 3rd chain from hook, ch1, dc.  sk 2 ch, sc in 3rd chain from hook, ch1, dc and repeat until you have one chain left, sc in that ch. Ch1 and turn your work.

Row 2: 

Sk first two ch, crochet *1sc, ch1, dc in the ch space. Repeat * (1sc, ch1, dc in the ch space) across the row until you reach the turning ch, sc in turning ch. Ch1 and turn your work.

Repeat row 2 until your desired length or until you reach 27 rows/6 inches long

If you whip up this Violet Washcloth I’d love to see! Tag me on Instagram with #pribblescrochet or shoot me an email! I’d love to have a look.

What is your favorite crochet stitch of the moment? I’m always looking for new stitches!

Crochet Blankets and Crochet Bag

Are you like me? Do you see all these amazing designs by crochet designers you just adore and buy the yarn and start the project and then it just sits there? I’m ashamed of myself, but I do this far too much. I rarely get to a finished crochet project. Boo!

I have one beautiful blanket design by Jessica of Mama in a Stitch not even halfway done – and just couldn’t help myself, starting a new throw blanket by Krista of Rescued Paw Designs. And it doesn’t stop there. I also saw a stunning crochet bag by Jessica today and bought the yarn and handles for it. It’s a real problem Y’all!

Are you like me? Do you have half-finished projects laying around the house and yet still start new projects? Surely I can’t be alone.

Here’s a peek at my blankets in process of being finished and the bag I plan to make soon.

Beginner Friendly Blanket by Jessica of Mama in a Stitch

This beautiful blanket pattern is by Jessica of Mama in a Stitch, which you can find for free, here. She did a lovely yellow and white look. I chose the dark colors because they match a nursery for the gal I plan to gift this to… I better get on it, her baby is due soon!

Shop Homespun yarn below.

(Photo credit: Mama in a Stitch)

Jane throw by Krista of Rescued Paw Designs

You can see I’ve not gotten very far on this one yet, but really want to finish it! It’s beautiful. I love the stitch and the yarn choice. It’s so hard to capture the colors well. It’s big enough to cover your lap, and I plan to keep it in the living room with my leather couch.

You can find this pattern for free, here.

Shop Wool-Ease Thick N Quick

(Photo credit: Rescued Paw Designs)

Camel Bucket Bag by Jessica of Mama in a Stitch

(photo credit, Mama in a Stitch)

I’m stoked to try this bag. It looks simple enough for this intermediate crocheter and yet still looks impressive! I’m so excited to get my yarn and handles so I can get going on this pattern. I’ve done blankets before, but never a bag, so this’ll be a little extra special.

I decided on a pretty green yarn instead of the rust, but I do really like the color Jessica chose. You can find the pattern for free, here.

Shop Vanna’s Choice Yarn below.

Shop Purse Handles below.

What does your unfinished crochet stash look like?

Leave a comment below. I’d love to connect with other crocheters!


Mama in a Stitch

Rescued Paw Designs

Mama in a Stitch Etsy Shop

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My First Successful Crocheted Hat

Since picking up my first hook I’ve been trying to figure out how to crochet a hat in the round. And while never successful, the desire to do it just wouldn’t leave. Something “clicked” in my mind a couple weeks ago when I picked the hook back up. It all started making sense, while prior to that, I was essentially just “winging it”. So I felt confident in trying a hat again.

I hopped over to the trusty YouTube and searched for a beginner friendly pattern. I landed on Melanie Ham’s channel. I’ll post the video that I used below, and link to her site, where you can find the written pattern. Melanie’s tutorial, one that I had tried before, finally made sense to me! And before I knew it, I had learned the magic circle, and how to crochet a hat in the round.

I’m floored to say, but I actually finished a hat today! Now, while I won’t use the same yarn again, as I prefer a chunkier look and feel, I am so happy to actually tried it and was, finally, successful! I now want to crochet some hats for my kids for the winter. We don’t get a lot of winter here in north Texas, but we get enough to warrant a hat or two. Next up, I hope to learn how to crochet a pair of mittens.

Here is the exact tutorial I used to create the hat.

And here is the link to visit Melanie Ham’s website to get the written pattern.

Thanks so much, Melanie, for such a great tutorial, and for continuing to put out free tutorials on YouTube!

Granny Square Blanket

I’ve been crocheting for several months. It’s been a slow process of learning. I finally feel like I’m getting there, figuring it all out. I decided to tackle a granny square. My first few attempts were sad. I couldn’t quite “get it”. And then I finally found a tutorial on YouTube that I finally understood and could follow well. Now, I’m hooked!



I’ve tried knitting and crocheting a handful of times in my life and each time I’ve failed miserably. I just couldn’t quite figure it out. The idea of making something functional, like a blanket or scarf, really appealed to me. And so, as much as I didn’t really want to try again – I did.

I bought some yarn for a baby blanket I’m gifting my sweet baby niece for Christmas, a hook, and got busy watching tutorials online. Yay for quality crochet tutorials online. Gone are the days of needing to purchase DVD sets to instruct me. And books, ha! Forget about it, those never teach me well. I learn best by watching.


I spent an evening pouring over tutorials. I watched the very basics to more complicated stitches and designs. Something in my mind began clicking this time.

I picked up the hook and did a slip knot. And then I chained stitches. And then I single crocheted, double crocheted, and half double crocheted. I was learning.


I decided on something super duper simple for the blanket. A very basic double crochet throughout the entire blanket. I figured, for my first big project I’d better try something I was most comfortable with and besides, the yarn I chose is so beautiful, I figured it would shine bright no matter how plain the design.


I’ve made a couple mistakes with this project. All in all I’m pleased with my progress. I’m learning and am eating up crochet. I’m even considering knitting once I get a few more complicated designs down with crochet. Or maybe I should just stick with crochet until I’m more of a pro. I just love trying new things.


Going into this project I had no idea how long a blanket would take to stitch! And I though embroidery art took a long time to complete – HA! I really don’t know how crocheters and knitters who make their living selling their creations do it. I would think you’d have to sell your creations for hundreds of dollars, yet I see it so cheap online.


My middle son, Z, wants a blanket now. And of course little D wasn’t far behind him with that request. So I might be neck deep in yarn, making blankets for loved ones, for months!

I’m also looking into charities to crochet for, if you know of any that you think I’d love, please leave me a comment below!

I’m so happy I decided to pick up the hook and try again.