Adam’s been cancer-free for awhile now. Well, technically he isn’t declared cancer-free until after 5 years, and then I think they call it remission. But, whatever the technical word, he’s not had active cancer in his body for well over a year now, and it’s been two years since he was diagnosed and started radiation treatment.

Every 6 months or so he has to have tests done to make sure the cancer isn’t coming back. This time, he only needed an x-ray instead of the scan. Dash and I went with him to the imaging place in Frisco. We got there early, plenty of time for silly pictures, adventuring around the place, and saving a rolly polly from the inside of the building, letting it free outside.

After the x-ray was over, we let Dash choose where to have lunch. He quickly decided on IHOP, one of his favorites. He always gets the silver five when eating there. It isn’t one of me and Adam’s favorite places to eat but it’s been so long, and Dash loves it, so we decided to treat him.

I got a turkey sandwich and Adam got a hot ham and cheese. And like I said earlier, Dash got the silver five. After lunch, we stopped by Kroger for groceries.

Later that day it rained, Dash and Zane laid in front of the door and watched the rain pour down. It was so cute!

We won’t know for a couple of weeks if Adam’s x-ray showed anything suspicious. I’m believing he’s still cancer-free.

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