The kids got out of school for summer break last Thursday. They spent half a day at school. It rained all day so we just stayed home and cleaned up. Then the kids had a homeover, as Dash calls it. With Nick spending the night with Daddy – no momma’s allowed.



Friday we ran a couple errands, grabbed lunch, got home for the two little guys to go to their grandparents to pull weeds for money. Nick and I got home and chilled, enjoying the quiet.

This morning (Saturday), we cleaned, cleaned, cleaned and did a lot of laundry. After eating lunch, Nick went golfing with Grandpa T. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with the two younger guys yet. Right now I’m watching the first season of Real Housewives O.C. thanks to the awesome Hulu!




Next week the kids go to Vacation Bible School in the mornings. Friday night we are all going to a water park. And Sunday we’ll go back to Missouri on vacation! So far, a great start to summer break.

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