Cutting Losses, Eating Burgers.

My husband and I took a chance on a small water park not far from our home. We were there about 45 minutes before cutting our losses and leaving. That’s how we roll. If we aren’t enjoying ourselves, we don’t feel pressure to force ourselves to enjoy ourselves. It was a cute park for children but not much there for adults. So we did the lazy river several times and drove back home to get ready for lunch.



After showering and dressing we took a 20 minute drive to a new place we’d not tried yet called Kenny’s Burger Joint. Adam had heard really good things about it. And I can say, it did not disappoint. Probably the best burger I’ve had since I can remember. It was really that good. After lunch we drove through Frisco and came home for an afternoon nap. Afternoon naps are probably one of my favorite pastimes. If a nap can be a pastime.



Just a few minutes ago I heard from Dad T. They had a great day on a boat excursion to an island with the kids. The kids are experiencing an epic trip with their grandparents. I’m so happy. It’ll be a vacation they always remember and talk about. My in-laws are sweet people who adore their grandbabies. My parents are too – they just live a couple states away is all. So anyway, here are a few pictures from the past two days in Mississippi.




Pictures from the beach side outside their condo during low tide.


The kids are being adventurous.



They come home late Thursday, or the next day, just depends on how late of a start they get. I’m ready. I’ve been missing my babies. I love being alone in the house with my husband and even just alone by myself, but I miss the noise, the chaos, the cute faces, the interruptions. I’m not going to fair well when we have an empty nest. 11 years of parenting thus far and I’ve all but forgotten how to function without my children next to me. It’s got its pluses, being able to run to the store whenever I want, sleep in late, take naps during the day – but golly do I miss my baby boys!

Adam and I are going to go bowling and maybe go to the shooting range before they get home. So we’ll be sure to get in good quality time together before they get home, which is what we needed and wanted. It’s been a precious time spent alone with my hubby. I am treasuring it while also looking forward to hugging my boys again.

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