Cyber Shower

Virtual baby shower time for the ladies at 5 Minutes for Mom. Janice gave birth to her little girl a few days ago … and she was early. Caught everybody off guard! She is adorable :–)

They are playing some fun baby shower games and giving away awesome prizes so head over there quick and join in!

Game #1: The most sympathy-inspiring delivery photo

After 21 hours of labor and 2 hours of hard pushing this picture was taken minutes before I met my little man. As you can see it was exhausting, painful, and the peak of it all.

Game #2: The best (perhaps biggest) baby bump

I was 9 month’s pregnant with my first born in this picture…in fact, I was literally about to pop being only a week from having him. There was no where left for him to go. He was a whopping 9 pounds 2 ounces and I’m short waisted so there really wasn’t any room in there!

Game #3: The most remarkable, interesting or brutal delivery story

This is the story of my first born son.

I was 1 week over-due when the doctors had me go into the hosp. to be induced. They scheduled it for the 5th of May, but I actually went into labor on my own early in the morning before the appointment. I had no sleep, was jittery, and not a good way to start a labor experience.

We got into the car (i drove. lol) and headed down the road for our 40 minute drive to the hosp. It was 5:am, still dark out, and barely any other cars on the road. By the time we got checked into the hosp., into our room, and into my gown the contractions were coming on regular and stronger.

I walked around for awhile, rocked, and visited with people….trying to keep my mind off the pain. Soon enough the doctor wanted to pop my water. It was so painful for me that she gave up and ordered the epidural. At this point I was 4 cm. and ready for relief.

However the relief didn’t come like it should have. Something about my body doesn’t take an epi the way it should. It takes twice as long to get only a fraction of the relief and it wears off quickly. Here I was a first time Mom, in overwhelming pain, with the most extreme urge to push and I had to just breath through it.

The people in the hall, other Mom’s in the other room’s, and my family could hear me crying and screaming all throughout the floor of the delivery room. I had no control over it. I couldnt get on top of the pain. It was the most intense pain ever.

When I’m in overwhelming pain I get squeezy…so you can imagine what came next. My husband and mother did such a great job helping me as best they could, though. My mother kept wiping my head as I was writhing around in pain, and my husband held onto me with this look of “i’m so sorry” in his face.

They finally decided to give me another epi, because my pain was so intense. That was until they realized I was 9 and only had a tiny bit left until 10. I knew what that meant as soon as they said it….no epi. They decided to give4 me a quick boost in the existing epi and that did give me 30 minutes of relief so I could rest for a minute.

I was so exhausted…at that point it had been 19 hours of labor. I was almost alseep when the pain slammed into me again. Oh the pain. I can still remember that pain. Luckily for me the need to push made the pain go away. When I was pushing it felt so good…it was what mybody needed and it gave me relief. As soon as I was done pushing the pain was more than I could bare.

I pushed so long and so hard that I was nearly purple in the face. Pushing a 9 pound baby with a huge head (lol) wasn’t anything that I could have been prepared for. We knew the baby would probably be large, because my husband was but we had no idea how large.

TWO hours of pushing later he was born. I nearly colapsed when he was out. They were concerned about him afterwards and wisked him off. I didn’t get the chance to hold him on my chest, hubby couldn’t cut the cord, and I couldn’t even see him from where I was.

I just lay there, depleted, emotional, and ready to see this baby that made me work so hard. I was too exhausted to even cry! The next thing I know my OBGYN was telling me she was having a hard time with the placenta, and I was bleeding more than normal. Oh great, I thought. She worked on me for a good 30 minutes or more. By the time she got everything taken care of I had lost a lot of blood.

Not enough that they felt I need more, but enough to affect me. Afterwards (for days) I was yellow, weak, light headed, and just felt sick.

But when I finally got to hold my little, beautiful, dark haired (and loads of it) it really did make it all worth while. It was such a high. I loved that baby more than anything and my life forever changed when I looked into his eyes. We had this instant connection, this instant bond, this deep, true love that’ll never be replaced by somebody else.

Thankfully my second born was only 9 hours of labor (epi still didnt work right) and 3 pushes…whew!

And here are my top three prizes I’d love to win:

Cushie Pushie

TBO Designs

All Natural Mommies Baby Doll Sling

Thanks to Pamela with Happy Panda for throwing the shower for Janice and Susan…this is fun and they deserve it!

Susan and Janice, congrats to you both ….

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