Dash School Update

We met with Dash’s Early Education team at school this morning. We learned that he is excelling. He is a math whiz and a natural leader. He is polite and follows the rules. He has made great improvement with his Early Education program and is ready for Kindergarten. I’m so proud of him and so thankful for his team at school that has helped him advance in his educational career.

We signed him up for Kindergarten Bootcamp – a fancy was of saying summer school – which starts in June. I was a little hesitant to sign him up. I wasn’t sure he really needed it. But after some thought, came to the conclusion that its only three weeks out of his summer break, and will only help, not hurt, his educational career, so we have him signed up.

I can’t say enough for the Early Education program with the school district. If your child is falling behind where they should be, and you feel your child needs assistance in speech or motor skills or social skills…etc… I can’t say enough for getting them help through the school district. This is our second child to use the Early Education program and they both have benefited tremendously from it.

I’m so proud of my children. Nicky couldn’t talk, or jump, screamed during his baths, wouldn’t let us cut his hair, etc, when he was young. He now is perfectly normal, very smart, kind, compassionate, has great character, and has no problems like he used to have. They helped him go from two points away from the autism spectrum, to a perfectly healthy child. Dash had a lot of speech issues and social issues and didn’t know a whole lot things he’ll need in Kindergarten and now look at him!

I’m just so happy!



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