Dash Update

Dash has been in the school district’s therapy program for a few months now. He has been doing well. No negative reports, nothing of concern. I am beyond elated.

I wish our Lyme disease report was better. He is still struggling, like me, to get better. He cries a lot, has some moments of Lyme rage, is fatigued, is not eating well, or gaining weight well.

I am taking him to a new doctor soon. He is a Naturopath doctor. He also was infected with Lyme disease and is now cured. As was his wife. I am hopeful but not optimistic. This happens after nearly six years of being infected, four of treatment, two different doctors thus far, and tons of medication and money.

I can only keep trying. I can only keep praying for my beautiful son. And keep my eyes on the little bit of progress we have seen. For that is our light at the end of the tunnel.

I just want my baby better.


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