Our adventure of moving from Kansas City to the Dallas, Texas area has just begun but I’m already house hunting. It’s going to be at least 9 months to a year before we can move, yet I’m already looking. It’s the only tangible thing I can do right now. I look just about every day. Right now I’m focused on Plano and Frisco but that could change when we go visit. We might find an area we like better. One things for sure, I want a pool in my backyard.

Anybody and everybody can tell me just get a pool in the neighborhood but I have my fingers in my ears, not listening. I want a pool! I want to slip out my backdoor and into the pool in the evening and swim. There will be maintenance and we will get the kids swimming lessons, secure the pool with a gate etc. Anyway, as you can see I am really excited about a pool. If I don’t win out, we will, at the very least, have a house with a pool in the neighborhood.

This is one of the many houses I’ve looked at recently. It’s in Plano and in our price range. Has all the bedrooms and bathrooms we need, is big, and beautiful, and has the pool of my dreams.







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