You had a bad day at school today. Your friends weren’t very nice to you. It made you even doubt that you are a fun and sweet kid. I reassured you that you are a fun sweet interesting friend. You snuggled with me. I stroked your hair and we talked about your rough day. You began feeling better as we talked.

I’m not convinced I totally changed your mind about being an awesome person to be a friend with but I hope I helped some because you really are an awesome person to be friends with.

I love that you come to me about your day. I love that you still want to snuggle into me. But most of all, I love you.

I pray for you and your sweet sensitive soul. I pray that you never lose your sensitivity but that you grow with your self confidence so you never let other people determine how you feel about yourself. I pray you know how awesome you are and never ever stop coming to me to talk and snuggle.

Love you dear one!

Love, Mommy


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