Deer Hollow

[I]t’s no secret my husband and I are a wee bit obsessed with Texas as of late. With good reason. Moving our entire life from Missouri to Texas is a big deal. A big exciting deal. We look at houses online nearly every day. The parts of Texas we’re looking at have beautiful houses for the money. I really like the styles of the houses in Texas, too, with the stone and brick, and many of them are ranch style homes, which really appeals to me.

One of the homes that really caught my eye is this beaut on Deer Hollow Drive in Little Elm, Texas. It doesn’t have a pool which is the only downfall but I could live with that if it has a community pool. I’m really loving this beautiful home. I know it likely won’t be available when we would need it, so this is just me lusting after something I can’t have, isn’t that a sin?

Here, have a look.













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  1. What a beautiful home. You never know. If God wants you to have it, it will happen, and if not, there was a reason for it. You will like Texas. I love Durant Oklahoma when we lived there 8 months while Ron did that Target warehouse.

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