You feel this way sometimes, don’t you? You’ve even heard other Christians call you that, call themselves that. Probably you’ve read blogs that say its a normal Christian thing to feel dirty and shameful and just plain gross. We’re nothing in the sight of God, we’ve been told. Lower than the lowest, dirt under the feet of Christ. And we’re taught to enjoy that role, to embrace it, and believe it, and share that with others around us. How dare we think anything other than that of ourselves? After all, we’re just sinful human beings. Right?

Sister, and brother, dare we look into the eyes of Christ and tell Him His sacrifice of bearing our sins, and taking our judgment, was meant for nothing, because we choose to bear that ourselves, instead of embracing His gift as our own? Dare we tell Him that we appreciate the gesture but we’d rather still call ourselves dirty, shameful, plain gross, sinful human beings?

How do you think it makes God feel when we choose to see ourselves in our flesh, instead of as our spirits, the born-again-will-live-forever and perfect spirits we are? When God looks at us, He’s no longer looking at our sin, He’s looking at our salvation, He’s looking at Christ in us. He sees what Jesus did for us, bringing us back into direct communion with our Creator. And how could we be in direct communion with God, carrying around Holy Spirit within ourselves, if sin was still the issue? We couldn’t. God doesn’t see our sin, He sees our salvation, He sees Jesus, He sees our perfected spirits, He sees who we were created to be long before sin took a hold of the human race.

It isn’t cute to say we’re broken, lowly, sinful human beings. It doesn’t make us more holy to declare our sinful ways, and grovel at the feet of Christ. We’re seated in heavenly places with Christ Jesus, we aren’t buried under the dirt, with the worms, and bones of the dead. Isn’t that what we’re saying when we say we’re nothing but sinful, shameful people? It sure sounds that way to me. Yes, we sin. And YES sin is bad. Sin isn’t good. Sin isn’t healthy. Sin doesn’t bring blessings into our lives. But SIN is the issue, not God. God isn’t holding blessings back from you because you watch porn. God isn’t cursing you because you said a bad word when stuck in traffic. God isn’t giving you a one way ticket to hell, with no hope for heaven, because you murdered someone. gasp! It’s true. Why? Jesus! Christ Jesus, the Messiah, the One who hung from the Cross, bore the judgment for ALL sins, past, present, future – remember Him? Our Savior?

Before we’re saved we’re told by Christians that Jesus died for our sins and God has forgiven us. We’re told that no sin is too big, or too small, that God hasn’t forgiven you for it and we just have to receive that grace gift. We’re told that Jesus hung on the Cross for us. That God loves us and calls us His own. And then, we accept Jesus and all that goes out of the window. That’s how it seems in many Christian circles, doesn’t it? Now that we’re saved we have to repent for every little sin, even though, when we were praying for salvation before born-again, we were told God had already given us forgiveness through Christ and we just have to receive Christ as our Savior to receive that blessing. We’reĀ  now told to live holy and if we dare to sin we could end up losing our salvation and end up in hell. We’re told to see ourselves as sinful beings in need of a Savior (even though we already have a Savior, and have already been born-again!), instead of being told who we now are in Christ.

I read the stories of the old testament, reading how it was for the people who lived under the old covenant, and I tear up inside, for I see just how truly blessed we are to live under the covenant of grace, to live in the reality of being born-again, Holy Spirit filled, saved, forgiven, healed, blessed people because of CHRIST JESUS. And yet, so many of us are still living under the law in our own minds and hearts. We haven’t received grace. We live in some kind of weird mixture of grace and law that was never intended for us by God. We choose it. We make that part of the Christian walk. Not God. Not Jesus. We do that.

Friends, dare I say that living like we’re still under the law, or still dead spirits, not yet born-again, is a slap in the face to Jesus. I know, that sounds harsh doesn’t it? Maybe I’m being a bit hard. The reason I say these things is to hammer home the truth that we are forgiven, we are living under grace, we are mighty in Christ, we are blessed, we are God’s children, we are so much more in Christ, now that we’re born-again, than the sin that still shows up in our lives could ever be. No one can live a sinless life. No one except Jesus. And that is precisely why Jesus came to us, because no human being can live sinless, we need Him, and He selflessly gave of Himself, so that we could live free from the law of sin and death – free from the CURSES of the Law.

We are free. We are blessed. We are loved and spirit-filled! We carry Jesus with us, and are forgiven of all our sins. Jesus isn’t dying every day for new sins. He did it one time for all time for all sins for all people. It’s radical but it’s true! Oh sister, brother, I pray that God would press this truth into your heart, and make alive the message of grace in your mind, that you would be radically changed from the inside out.

I recommend you read, download, print, read again the following list of Who We Are In Christ.

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