Don’t Let Me Forget

I don’t want to forget how precious Nick and Dash looked in the dark of the evening, with the cool breeze of the night blowing in, as they played iPod and keyboard.


I don’t want to forget how my nearly ten year old wanted to snuggle his mama and how it made my heart feel to snuggle him into my chest, stroking the soft skin on his face, as the breeze blew over us.

Or how Dash’s laughter filled the room as he tried to put my fingers up his nose.  And how he snorted from laughing so hard. Oh and how Zane danced around the room while the keyboard played its automatic song and giggled.

And then this, this precious video my husband surprised me with that I’ll never forget and will always be grateful for.

My children bring me so much joy. And I’m truly enjoying this time in my mothering journey – these sweet 5, 7, and almost 10 year olds that make me a mama.

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