Don’t Look Forward to it, Look Right At It!


[T]he other day I felt the leading of Holy Spirit, stirring my soul, whispering to my heart that now is the time for healing. Don’t look toward healing, look at healing. When you’re looking forward to healing, you’re seeing something in the distance. When you’re looking at something, you’re seeing it in the now.

Healing isn’t for the future, it’s for the now. Right where you are, sitting on your couch, reading this blog post on your laptop, pain searing your body – healing is for you now. Healing is for you, the broken brother sitting at the doctors office waiting to be seen, reading this on your phone, it’s for you now.

Believe in the now.



I thought about my own child’s battle with Lyme disease when Holy Spirit whispered those sweet words to me. I called all three of my children into the living room, patting the couch, they sat – blue jeans and bare feet – and eyes wide. “You know God loves you, right?” They all nodded their heads. “And you know that Jesus died for you, right, and rose again, and loves you, and wants you well?” Heads nod emphatically. “You know that when we pray for the sick, Jesus promised they would be healed, right?” My middle son spoke up this time, “mommy, God doesn’t want us sick because being sick is bad and God only does good things.” I smiled and nodded.

I took my youngest sons hand in my own, kissing his soft skin, the smell of flowery lotion filled me. Looking at my children, “boys, you know how we’ve prayed and not seen with our physical eyes the healing take place yet. Well, sometimes that happens, but that isn’t the perfect will of God. He wants you healed now. How do I know? Because its already been done, Jesus already took it, so we just have to obey and believe. Let’s believe for your brothers healing now.” I knew I was putting myself in the position of questions, should my youngest remain ill. But it’s more important to teach the truth and answer tough questions than to hide the truth and answer easy questions.

We all laid hands on him and prayed. “Thank you Lord for healing Dash. Thank you that its been done and belongs to him because of the lashings You received 2,000 years ago. I take the authority You’ve given to us believers and command the bacteria to die and leave his body now. I speak to the body and command you body to line up with the will of God. Holy Spirit, come bring your healing presence and power and fill his body and brain now in Jesus mighty name. Amen”

There was silence for several seconds. And then…

“I’m not sick anymore mommy. I healed now.” he said.

I love the faith of a child.

The older boys asked if he was healed. To which I said, that’s what we believe. Expecting more questions, I waited. Instead, they rubbed their brothers leg, and said “Jesus healed you” and ran off to play.


Healing is for now. Today is the day for healing. See it, visualize it. Do you see yourself free from constant pain? Can you hear the love songs of the birds in the morning for the first time without a hearing aid? Can you skip down the street, laughing, pain free? Are you smiling at your mate for the first time in what seems like forever because you’re finally free from depression? See it. And believe for it. Every day, wake up and believe that today is the day for healing.

Don’t ever give up. Every time you pray, or are prayed for, expect that that is the last prayer you’ll ever need! Be like my son, and believe you’re not sick anymore. It’s not a mind game either. If you are still symptomatic, just praise God that healing is working in your body, thank Him for the stripes that bought your freedom from sickness and pain. And the next day, if you aren’t free, pray again, praise again, and keep believe.

You may be saying, easier said than done. You’re right, it isn’t always easy. Sometimes it’s downright hard. Your joints ache so bad you can hardly move your hands. Your lungs burn from the cancer eating at them. You feel that large lump in your breast daily and worry that its going to kill you. You want healing now. And when it doesn’t happen, you are discouraged, and disappointment.

You don’t have to deny those feelings exist. In fact, it’s probably not good to just ignore something. But after you’ve taken those feelings to the Lord, dust them off and start anew. Every day you have a choice to stay in faith, believe the impossible, believe in the Word of God, and remain positive… for you know that today is the day for healing. Today!

Oh friends, I feel healing in my bones. I feel the fire of God burning disease out of our bodies and brains as I write this. It’s there – oh-so-close to manifesting, hang on please. Don’t give up on it. Don’t give up, don’t let go. Hang on, our healing journey is nearing its end. Believe that today is the day for healing. And praise Jesus even if you don’t see healing manifest today. He is worthy of our praise. He already did His part. Praise Him for His Stripes. Believe!

“I healed mommy, I healed”…

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